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50 Weeks Until Christmas

50 Weeks

There are 50 weeks until Christmas, friends. It feels funny to write that.

50 Weeks Until Christmas

It seems so far away and yet, to me, it feels like Christmas can come tomorrow.

Santa told me I’d feel this way. You see, this year, 2023, will be my fourth year at the North Pole. It’s a big year for me. If all goes well, I will graduate from Southern North Pole University.

That means next year at this time I’ll be facing a big decision: whether or not to stay at the North Pole.

I signed a contract the other day. The first of my life. I have accepted an offer from the North Pole News Network to stay on as a reporter through Christmas 2024.

It was not a hard decision. All I have to do is to keep doing what I’ve been doing.

So that means counting down to Christmas with you each week. Still. And you know what? This could be the favorite part of my job.

You know why? There are no rules. No editors. Well, Elf Ernest still looks over my stuff because he’s responsible for everything on this website. But he’s a bit of a softie. He tells me I was made for doing this. I just love that elf.


Happy New Year! Gosh, I should have said that at the beginning. Yeah, we’re more than a week into the new year, so I know I’m a little late.

But you know what?

That’s life at the North Pole. New Year’s celebrations run a little late and a little slow.

We’re too busy celebrating Christmas still.

Again, that’s just how it works at the North Pole. Our Christmas comes after Santa gets back. When the world is starting to wind down their Christmas we are just winding up.

It was quite a celebration for Christmas this year. Santa kept everyone on their toes.

You see, when he returned to the North Pole Santa went straight to the North Pole Christmas party.

That’s not big news, he does that every year, but this time he did the party a little different. He backed up the sleigh, which somehow, in some way, he got loaded with everyone’s Christmas presents (everyone at the North Pole that is), and he put them ALL under the big tree at the Claus residence.

I did not know this but Santa has a moveable floor in the “big room” (that’s what Mrs. Claus calls the room where parties are held). The floor moved revealing a big open area below, where the Christmas tree magically reached to another floor far below. There were presents stacked high under this tree, which was brilliantly lit in a new way when Santa moved the floor.

Even Mrs. Claus was surprised.

Santa bounded down the stairs, laughing, and started tossing presents to elves above, one by one saying, “Merry Christmas, Elf Whoever” to the person each gift was tagged for.

Santa gave me a new lighted mirror for my vanity. I have no idea how he knew I wanted one of these. I was expecting my Mom to get it for me because I told her about it. But Santa surprised me. Mom got me some new hair brushes.

Well, since that big party it seems that we have been enjoying all kinds of Christmas here at the North Pole. Santa held a big devotional in the North Pole Chapel on Christmas Day. We all sang Christmas carols, ending with Silent Night, which was really cool.

The next day, after everyone had long naps, the North Pole Events center featured a benefit for the North Pole Scholarship program. This is a special event to help young people from elf families get their education.

We don’t use money at the North Pole, so this was an interesting event. When we as elves travel we need money for the various places we go. We all come home with a little extra money when we go on vacation or visit other parts of the world and that is what most elves use to donate to things like the scholarship program. After all, what else would we use the money for?

Anyway, they think better than 200 kids will have money for school next year thanks to this event.

There were a lot of events like that the past couple of weeks.

There were fun things too. The Eggnog Fair was pretty cool. This is where everyone gets together for a “tasting” of eggnog recipes from around the world. Everyone has their own “secret” recipe for eggnog so the tasting, as so many elf events go, ended up being a contest.

My entry came in at #93. And I’m darn proud of that. Before I came to the North Pole I was not much of an eggnog drinker. In the place where I am from in the United States eggnog is pretty much the same everywhere you go: kinda thick, super sweet and not something I can stomach much of.

Here at the North Pole eggnog is kind of a sacred thing – it’s own life form, so to speak. They take it seriously.

The most famous “brand”, if you call it that, is Elf Eggnog. You can get it in everywhere here – the market, at restaurants, and even in the lunch room at Santa’s workshop. Elves drink it everyday like other people drink water or soda.

Even I drink it now very often.


I’ve been working on my eggnog recipe this past year. To make the top 100 in the contest is a big deal to this girl. I’m not a cook, I’m not an eggnog expert. But I worked on this because I want to learn the art of eggnog that so many elves seem to really like.

It is one part of elf life that is unique and really cool.

I studied the art of eggnog and it was Mrs. Claus, of all people, who gave me the biggest tip. She told me that if I wanted to get anywhere with anything I make that is traditional at Christmas – like eggnog – I had to do something new and interesting, something that no one has tried before at the North Pole.

I did that. I did something with my eggnog I don’t think anyone else does.

I think.

I’m not gonna tell you. At least not yet. I want to make sure I’ve done it. When the time is right, I’ll tell you.

But for now, I’m proud to say I’m only 92 places from being #1 in eggnog at the North Pole. Is that going to look crazy on a resume or what?

50 weeks, kids. 50 short weeks. I’m so excited to count it down with you.


Elf Trixie

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Elf Trixie! I’m glad you’re here at least until 2024; celebrate the countdown again with you this year! I remember Elf Frank feels like you too, lol. Thank you for sharing the recent after-Santa return. I was wondering about when Santa put presents for all the elves there. ^^ You’re so lucky to receive it from him directly. And congratulations on the 93 place award! I’ve not tried any eggnog yet, I wish Santa would give it someday. XD Thank you in advance for this year! ^^

  2. Elf Maurice
    Elf Maurice says:

    Thank you Elf Trixie as always your post are interesting and fun I am so excited to hear from you and to inticipe more news from you keep up the good work Merry Christmas and a happy New year.

  3. Elf Sugar Cookie
    Elf Sugar Cookie says:

    Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!! I’m set to graduate college this year too. Congratulations on your placement in the Eggnog Fair too; that’s great news!

    Thank you so much for counting down to Christmas with us and for giving us these vibrant and well-written articles about things like the North Pole Christmas Party. It sounds like it was truly magical, and the devotional on Christmas Day sounds wonderful as well. Santa is so kind to play a huge role in both. Thanks for shedding light on other interesting pieces of North Pole life, too, like how and why North Pole elves end up with money despite not using it at home (although now I’m curious if the elf scholarship recipients are using the funds to go to non-North Pole schools).

    I look forward to reading your articles throughout the year; thank you for all you do!

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