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Last Chat with Santa and Mrs. Claus Scheduled


Coming Sunday, December 18th in North Pole Chat will be the final chat with Santa and Mrs. Claus before Christmas Eve. Come meet the Clauses!

Santa and Mrs. Claus will be in chat at 7pm EST in North Pole Chat at SantaUpdate.com.

We try to do this on weekends, as it is easier for most folks. But that means an earlier final chat than most years because Christmas is the following Sunday.

We remind you that you can continue to send messages and wish lists to Santa via the North Pole Post Office online here at SantaUpdate.com all the way until Santa takes flight. He can still hear from you – he just won’t be able to talk to you directly in most cases. That’s why coming to this chat would be so important!

We hope to see you there!

Elf Winslow

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Thank you, Elf Winslow! I’m very much looking forward to seeing Santa and Mrs. Claus! He can hear our messages and wish lists until his launch. So kind! Maybe the chat would be many people and elves. Getting exciting. See you soon! XD

I will not be able to join this meeting tonight but please let santa know that I can’t wait for his arrival this Saturday night

I can’t wait, but I wish we can do it after Christmas.

Hi Santa did sparkles give you a Christmas note .

Thank you Elf Winslow. I am an elf. I am excited to have santa-claus visit my dad’s house this Saturday. Thank you santa-claus e for the gifts you gave me last year. I can’t wait see what you bring me this year