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Box that Elf on the Shelf

We have in recent days been flooded with questions and concerns about a so-called tradition in some places called Elf on the Shelf. Is it real? Are these guys really elves? Why are they so often naughty? Does Santa know about this?

Elf Ed Zachary attempted to answer this question in his article The Truth About Elf on the Shelf. That article has been seen a lot and yet it only seems to generate more questions.

In the North Pole Radio News report from today, which you can listen to in the player above, Elf Crash Murphy lends his own opinion about this phenomenon.

We would love to answer the questions you send in about “your” elf. Some of you claim to have visiting elves that come back every Christmas. Some of you are frustrate that you once had a visiting elf but now that elf doesn’t show up any more. Some of you complain that the elf assigned to you is causing trouble in your home, and maybe even blaming you for the naughty things he or she does.

If your “elf” is like this, do you really think he or she could come from Santa?

Honestly, we cannot answer for what these so-called “elves” are doing. Some appear to be good, many appear to be rather creative. And some just in no way could ever represent Santa or Christmas.

We believe in having fun. But having fun does not mean doing things that make a mess for other people. Real elves have a duty to conduct themselves as Santa conducts himself. So ask yourself – would Santa do the things your “elf” is doing?

Santa has no business being in your home before Christmas. Neither does any elf, for that matter. Something like that would require the permission and prior arrangement with your parents. That kind of thing doesn’t happen very often for one very obvious reason – neither Santa or his elves have time for that kind of thing at Christmas.

That’s the truth.

If your “elf” is bothering you, we suggest you take up the matter with your parents. Most homeowners insurance covers pest control.

Elf Trixie

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  1. Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Trixie! Interesting! I think the elves on the shelf haven’t been to my country. I’ve never heard of and seen them before. Thank you, Elf Frank and Crash. So I can’t say about it, but I can tell I believe in Santa, and I know the elves around him are so amazing. They do their best for Santa, think of others, and love merry fun things with each other. I’m also an elf, have the license and Elf Oath, and try to live following the Elf Code. ^^ It’s a challenge to notice which is true if you believe it deeply. I think the truth is only one, and your parents or your instinct would tell you then. Wait, can their elf on the shelf answer their asking?! XD

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