Christmas Stocking Debate Rages 1
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North Pole Radio News
Christmas Stocking Debate Rages

Christmas stockings are a fun element of Christmas. So why would people need to debate about it?

Christmas Stocking

The North Pole Post Office alerted us to an inquiry submitted by thousands of fans about the “correct way to hang a Christmas stocking”. The question, it appears, came from a now-viral post on a social media platform suggesting that it means something sinister or hidden or symbolic if you hang your Christmas stocking to the left or to the right.

Having never heard of such a thing the elves in the Department Redundancy Department were charged in getting to the bottom of this.

Why the Department of Redundancy Department? Well, it’s their job to “double check” the stuff of Christmas – to get the details right. This fledgling little department came into being several years ago after it was discovered that an inventory snafu in Santa’s workshop nearly left the world short of toys. In an effort to make sure such a thing never happened again the Department of Redundancy Department was set up to make sure all the details of Christmas get covered.

Christmas stockings are a detail.

So the first thing the DORD did was to contact Elf Gloria, who is the Commissioner of Christmas Traditions at the North Pole. Gloria said she had never heard of such a thing.

Next, they spoke with Dr. Grant Smedley, professor of Clausology and North Pole History at Southern North Pole University. He too said he had never heard this concern about Christmas stockings before.

Finally, they checked in with Santa by phone, who laughed and said, “I think someone has just carried out the world’s best Christmas prank!”

The North Pole Radio News report above has a few more details over this, uh, non-story.

Elf Ernest

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  1. elf sam
    elf sam says:

    i have always hung my stalking on either the end of my bed or door handle depending on the bed i had. now i am an adult but still live at home for medical reasons i have moved downstairs (i now need an electric wheelchair) and when we extended our house to have a bigger living room i got the old living room and we knocked through the adjoining wall. the hearth where the stove was is still there but had the chimney closed so i put my artificial stove in thereand made a fake flue that matched my stove since it is white i used a piece of plasic pipe over the cap of the old flue and white tacked to my stove and, since i have ALWAYS wanted a mantlepiece, i now have a fake one and i hang a stocking on there for display but still have my stocking i use on my coat rack (i have a sliding roor now with a vertical handle so it wont work on that) and that is still the stocking that gets used

  2. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Ernest! Interesting, I didn’t know it too. Hanging or putting the same thing to the left or the right in the room means good luck in my country. Every house here doesn’t have a chimney, so I wonder where I should hang it for Santa to find easily. On the entrance door or the window? ^^ Thank you, Elves Frank and Crash; a weird rumor spreads wider fast. Is putting a star on the top of the Christmas tree a rumor too? It’s suddenly very cold here today. I want a fireplace with chimney too like you! 😆

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