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North Pole Radio News
10 Days Until Santa Launches

We are down to 10 days until Santa’s launch and that means it is crunch time at the North Pole. Every department and every elf is working to see that every job, every task, every goal and every project gets complete before Santa takes off.

Tracking Santa Show

In the North Pole Radio News report, which you can hear in the player above, Elf Crash Murphy visits the Sleigh Barn and discusses the final preparations for Santa’s sleigh. It has not been a good year for the newest design of Santa’s sleigh, at least according to North Pole Flight Command. That story is yet to play out but many, many elves are nervous about the whole thing.

The only one who does not appear to be worried about the sleigh is Santa.

Go figure.

Other departments at the North Pole are winding things up too. We’ve heard from Santa’s Workshop, where things seem to be well in hand. We understand that the North Pole Post Office and the Wrapping Department are swamped with their duties but that is to be expected. Nobody in those departments are expressing a lot of concern right now.

But there are a bunch of sub-departments that have big projects to tackle. The Sleigh Bell Department, the Stocking Department, the Bureau of Eggnog and Fudge, the Gingerbread Association, the Department of Christmas Spirit, the Candy Cane Committee, the Christmas Carolers Collective and the Wishlist Department all report activity at seasonal highs.

The Department of Redundancy Department, the little entity that has received so much criticism for their warnings about Santa’s sleigh, is the department in charge of double checking details. They are really busy in what they call “peak week”, a time when they are checking lists like mad for every department, it seems.

Santa himself is super busy, too. But he’s not even at the North Pole. He’s out in the world, traveling all over the place to visit as many children as he can this week and next.

So Operation Merry Christmas is in full swing right now and coming together. It’s going to be a fun ten days. I hope you can check in often for the latest news!

Elf Ernest

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Ernest. 10 days!! Please tell them, thank you for their amazing work! I was surprised again about many of the departments and sub-departments you have. Thank you, Elves Frank, and Crash for the report. I believe that Santa’s sleigh is okay too. The Jingle bells and Christmas music would make the reindeer fly safer! And I continue doing my best as an elf. I think Santa can deliver a washing machine if it’s on the wishing list as a toy!?, lol. Happy Tracking Santa for Santa, and Merry Christmas! XD

  2. Elf-BlueStar
    Elf-BlueStar says:

    I can’t believe it! Times flys so much. One second it’s Fourth Of July, next second Santa comes in ten days! (Well now 😎 Good day everyone. ^^

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