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Vixen Recovering Well

Vixen is recovering well. Officials in the Reindeer Operations Department report that the doctors have approved full activity status for Vixen and that with just a little more therapy over the next few days she will be ready to fly for Santa well ahead of Christmas Eve.

As reported several days ago, Vixen suffered a strained left knee due to a difficult landing during training exercises with other reindeer.

The team reporter in the Reindeer Operations Department also says the health of the rest of Santa’s team is absolutely “tops”, with no problems reported. Many have written in asking about Rudolph’s health because it was reported that he has not turned on his nose once yet this season. Doctors say there is nothing wrong with Rudolph’s famous nose and that he can turn it on if he wants to or if directed by Santa to do so.

In just a matter of days we are expecting another major announcement about the reindeer – the annual announcement of reindeer assignments. This is a formality for most people but the reindeer still get anxious about it. But Santa has not changed his starting nine reindeer for decades and nobody expects him to change it this year.

In the player above you can listen to the North Pole Radio News report of Vixen’s latest condition.

Elf Harold

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  1. Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold. We’re glad to hear that Vixen is recovering well and she can fly on Christmas Eve with the reindeer. They’re already super ready to fly! Thank you, Elves Frank and Crash for telling us about Rudolph’s the nose doesn’t turn on yet. He’s shy, so he wants to hide it or he works with a different name as an artist then!? ^^ I believe what his doctors say, and he will turn it on when Santa needs it. Yeah, I’m looking forward to hearing the reindeer assignments, including Mighty Mick too! XD

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