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Tracking Santa for Santa

Tracker Elves over at are doing heroic work in the weeks leading up to Santa’s launched. They are in the sixth year of a program that Santa launched that made elfhood a possibility for anyone anywhere. And ever since then Santa has set a new record every time he takes off on Christmas Eve.

Tracking Santa for Santa means you work as an elf where you live. Your job is to give information from your location to North Pole Flight Command. The elves at Flight Command organize these tracker elf reports into a usable database that is made available to Santa right in his sleigh. This information – which can range from weather reports to roof inspections – helps Santa to get around safely and quickly.

After five years as a test program Santa made the tracker elf effort a permanent part of Operation Merry Christmas. But he changed things around this year to make the program better. Tracker elves began sending in reports months ago – instead of waiting until flight time to send in their information. Santa has asked for 1 billion reports this year and rumor has it that the Tracker Elf Community is already about half way to that goal.

Do you want to be an elf? Do you want an elf career that could one day lead you to a life at the North Pole? Become an elf at and get started. It’s fun, it’s free and it is available to any fan or believer of every age.

Elf Harold


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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold! Yes, I send reports every week after starting Operation Merry Christmas since the end of the last month. I heard Sector 2 (Asia & Middle East) and Sector 4 (Greenland & South America) need weather and local, etc., information. Sector 3 (Europe and Africa) also needs inspection reports a lot too. I’m not a child but a very young elf. Thanks to elves Frank and Crash and the elves, I learned about the North Pole every day. They’re wonderful and very kind! I think it would be awesome if many people could help Santa together as an elf this year! ^^ (Elf Frank, what did you tell, about the tea in the news? Lol!)

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