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North Pole Radio News
Vixen Injured

(BREAKING NEWS – Reindeer Barn) – One of Santa’s most cherished reindeer has been injured during a training exercise at the North Pole today. Vixen, a long-serving member of Santa’s A-team of reindeer, was injured doing what they call “short landings”.

“Vixen is under the care of several doctors at this time,” Elf Victor, head of Reindeer Operations at the North Pole. “She is feeling fine and getting rest while the doctors assess the extent of her injuries.”

Unofficially, the injury has affected one of Vixen’s front knees. An elf who spoke on condition of anonymity told us that Vixen came down hard on her left side and injured the knee when her foot went into a pot hole that was not visible due to snow.

It is not known yet how bad the damage to that knee is and whether or not Vixen can recover in time to fly with Santa on Christmas Eve.

When more details become available we will update you.

Elf Harold

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold. I was very surprised to hear that. Thank you Elf Crash for telling us. It sounds so dangerous if it happened unconsciously. I hope her knee gets well soon, and of course, please rest for it. Thank you Elves Frank and Elf Crash in advance for the update. I’ll pray for her condition can recover and go around the world on Christmas Eve. ^^

  2. ameliap
    ameliap says:

    I hope that Vixen gets better soon,and I am sorry that I shouted at our elves for not telling us. Please give Vixen a hug from our whole family, and a hug for Mrs Claus too. I hope that no more reindeers get hurt in training. I don’t think that it’s fair how you are portrayed in christmas films because nobody knows what you really look like.
    Lots of love from the Parker family

  3. Annabel
    Annabel says:

    I hope Vixen makes a full recovery. My little brother is worried but he knows Santa will help them feel better.
    Annabel and Marcelo

  4. Telfa
    Telfa says:


    I’m Telma, from Sector 3/ Europe, and I’m hopeful that Vixen makes a full recovery!
    Please give her a lot of warm hugs in my behav too and caring words, to make fell better!!

    Hope the BEST for her, and for Everyone of You!

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