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North Pole Celebrates St. Nicholas Day

North Pole Celebrates St. Nicholas Day 1
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Celebrates St. Nicholas Day

All around the world St. Nicholas Day is celebrated in honor of the ancient character that some say has ties to the modern Santa Claus.

In fact, at the North Pole one of the world’s most extensive observances of St. Nicholas Day is celebrated with lectures and the St. Nicholas Day festival. It is an event intended to educate and entertain the many thousands who appreciate St. Nicholas.

This event at the North Pole is largely the doing of Santa, who has long been an admirer of St. Nicholas.

But Santa insists that he and St. Nicholas are two very different people.

St. Nicholas lived anciently and was, in reality, a very famous priest. He was regarded by millions, even those not of his faith, for his charitable works with children, women and the less fortunate. Some believe the origins of Santa Claus have their beginning in St. Nicholas.

While Santa admits there are some similarities, both in look and in works, he wants it known that St. Nicholas is his own man deserving of our admiration. Santa wants as many as who are interested to learn the history of St. Nicholas.

St. Nicholas was a man of the people. As a priest he once worked to help feed the staving people of a major city. He went to the captains at anchor in a local harbor and asked them to give a small portion of their grain to feed the people. He promised these captains that when they delivered their cargo after feeding the people it would be accounted for in their favor when they arrived at their destinations. The captains believe Nicholas and fed the people. Far and wide the story spread as the captains indeed were credited with delivering full loads.

This is just one of many miracles attributed to St. Nicholas and it showcases exactly how a many who lived nearly 2000 years ago could achieve world wide fame at a time without media and mass communication.

There are other legendary stories of a smaller scale, where he service to individuals in need was recorded. Over many years of his life St. Nicholas became very well known for his giving and charitable work.

In the North Pole Radio News report above Elf Crash Murphy talks with Elf Dr. Grant Smedley, professor of Clausology and North Pole history at Southern North Pole University. Dr. Smedley explains how Santa and St. Nicholas are different.

Dr. Smedley was just one of many experts scheduled to talk about St. Nicholas and the life he led. The North Pole St. Nicholas Festival also shares information of Christmas history, art and music from the ancient times of St. Nicholas.

Wherever you are we encourage you to look up the history of St. Nicholas so you can come to appreciate why he remains a hero to Santa.

Elf Harold

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold. I didn’t know St. Nicholas Day. Thank you, Elf Frank, Dr. Smedley, and Elf Crash. How were his presentations and the reception at night? Do you have a special meal? I’m glad to learn about St. Nicholas, and he’s different from Santa. If I have a chance, I’d like to listen to his presentation someday. ^^

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