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North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
New Sleigh Version to be Tested

With no announcement and little fanfare, North Pole Flight Command has dispatched Version 10 of Santa’s new sleigh to Sector 5 for testing.

According to the North Pole Radio News report (which you can listen to in the player above), an investigation has been underway by North Pole Security to determine why the latest design of Santa’s new sleigh is performing so poorly. There are whispers of sabotage to the sleigh and some elves fear that a rogue elf on the inside may be deliberately trying to keep Santa’s new sleigh from being used this year.

Time is running short. By now, most major problems with a sleigh are resolves and the final details are being worked on. Experienced elves in the Sleigh Department are starting to voice concerns that this new sleigh design just won’t be usable for Santa this year.

Elf Crash Murphy has said many times that Santa has a back-up plan for sleigh failures. He usually just plans to use an older sleigh, like the one used last Christmas Eve to get Santa around the world.

But using a different sleigh is not yet on the radar of Flight Command. For right now, they just want to understand what is wrong with the sleigh that is being tested.

We will keep following this story for you.

Elf Harold Star

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  1. Elf ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold. I wonder too, why the test flight results were not good every time. This problem is too big. I don’t want to believe some elves made others get into the problems. I hope they can figure it out before setting presents on his sleigh. But who would be happy if Santa couldn’t use the new sleigh… Thank you Elves Frank and Crash for the update. I hope version 10 will get better and faster. I’m curious about the reindeer conditions are good and healthy. How’s your candycane going, Elf crash? lol! Please tell us what’s going on the next. ^^

  2. Oliver says:

    Oliver Would like and elf to visit this year, but he is concerned with the bahhumbug disease and he is worried in case he catches it.

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