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The Christmas Tree is one of the most important symbols of Christmas. As is our tradition here at, and under the direction of Santa himself, we once again share with you some vital information about the Christmas tree that you may not already know.

The North Pole

First of all, the practice of using a tree dates back thousands of years. There are plenty of theories of why people brought a tree inside but Santa wants you to understand the truth: we use a tree at Christmas to symbolize the Tree of Life, as Santa would know better than anyone that this is why people anciently did it. The Tree of Life has solemn attachment to Christmas and what it all means. It is very symbolic and we should ponder that.

Santa reminds you that when you put up a tree in your house – no matter the kind – that tree becomes a member of your family. It is, for all of the Christmas season, a living thing.

It tells the world you believe. It symbolizes your hope in the better side of all people, in the art of giving selflessly, in looking out for our neighbors, in sharing love and light and in good will to all people.

This is what makes your Christmas tree a living thing.

As a member of your family you should spend time with your tree – together. You should do happy things around the tree – sing, tell stories, open gifts and share laughter.

As a member of your family you should also give your tree a name. Not a goofy name but a real name.

Santa has shared that this year his Christmas tree is named Christie. Santa and Mrs. Claus put Christie up several weeks ago and have already enjoyed her a great deal.

What will you name your Christmas tree? Please share in the comments below. We’d love to hear your name for your tree.

As for me, I’ve named my tree Blue.

He’s a spruce.

Coming tomorrow, an important update on Santa’s reindeer. Stay tuned.

I hope you have a great day!

Elf Ernest

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Thank you Elf Ernest for sharing about the Christmas tree. I didn’t know that is a symbol of the tree of life. Do you mean all of the Christmas trees in our houses? Santa’s tree, Christie sounds beautiful. Can the name change every year even the same tree? Elf Ernest’s tree is Blue and I heard Elf Crash’s is also Blue. Is it right? I named my tree Whitiee this year. I understand it’s my family member. I feel happy, joyful, and peaceful from her. I’ll spend time with her. Thank you Elf Frank and Crash, I wonder Elf Frank’s… Read more »

Christmas tree. Sets up the holiday, it brings family together!