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Weather Impacts Thanksgiving at the North Pole

Thanksgiving Day Elf Parade Report
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Weather Impacts Thanksgiving at the North Pole

Thanksgiving should be the headline at the North Pole today but it seems the weather has different ideas. White out conditions driven by high sustained winds have shut down most facilities and put a twist on to all the usual outdoor activities associated with Thanksgiving at the North Pole.

The North Pole Turkey Bowl – a football game between teams of elves – has become an epic, low-scoring battle. Nobody can see the ball or a runner with the ball. When they do see the runner – which is more aptly described as a snowperson trying to find traction – they can only knock the runner down.

But nothing is more affected by the weather than the Thanksgiving Day Elf Parade. Participants and side-line watchers of the parade braving the elements are in a snowy mess that has become more of a quest than a parade. Click the radio player above to hear a North Pole Radio News report from the parade.

Later this afternoon activities move inside for the annual banquet at the North Pole Community Center. Once the snow shovels are put away, the outfits brushed off of snow, and the hair dried, folks gather around the table to give thanks and to eat together.

We do not yet know if the weather will yet cooperate for the walkabout with Santa tonight. This is another traditional outdoor event and it is one of the biggest of the year. For weeks on end elves have been decorating their homes, mostly with lights, to win the annual decorating contest. Santa leads a procession of sorts around North Pole village to admire the lights and to judge the contest participants.

Everyone enjoys this event and it happens every year no matter the weather.

And yes, we have had years in the past where we have had blizzard conditions. It is more challenging to see the lights but some claim the lights are even prettier in a blizzard.

If possible, we will try to post some photos.

We hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving where you are.

Elf Harold Star

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold, and I’m sorry to say happy delayed Thanksgiving. 21℉ Is -6℃! It’s very cold and windy! I was surprised they played the turkey bowl! I hope they were okay. Thank you Elves Frank and Crash for telling us the parade report. Who are playing the music instruments ? They are amazing! I hope everyone on the main street had a wonderful dinner in the warm room after the parade, and enjoyed seeing elves pictures. Did elf Crash get a hot chocolate then? ^^ I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures and the next report. Please stay warm! XD

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