Santa launches in 30 days
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North Pole Radio News
30 Days Until Santa Launches

Santa launches from the North Pole in just 30 days and just like everything else associated with this week it is a milestone worth noting. Today it is 30 days, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and the day after is the launch of Operation Merry Christmas – it’s all coming together at one time.

As noted in the North Pole Radio News report above, 30 days from right now is December 23rd and THAT is when Santa launches – not December 24th, as many people assume.

Santa leaves late on that date on the calendar because he wants to be in the right place at the right time as the clock ticks over into Christmas Eve. The world is a big place and it takes Santa time to do that.

We count down all that time and tell that story. Every day, between now and when Santa launches, we publish a new Santa Update. Some days we will need to publish two or more Santa Updates because so much is going on.

But that is just the beginning of our efforts to tell the story.

Early on the morning of December 23rd we begin the Tracking Santa Around the World radio show on Kringle Radio. That is more than 50 consecutive hours of Christmas music interrupted only by news from the North Pole.

It is a 31 year tradition here at the North Pole – we track Santa everywhere, watch his every move, and interview people all over the world as Santa makes his way.

This unprecedent news coverage from direct from the North Pole every single year.

If you are new to Santa Update, to North Pole Radio News, to Kringle Radio and all the official websites of the North Pole we welcome you to our traditional coverage and invite you to send in your questions and to share your Christmas with us.

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  1. Elf ulan
    Elf ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold for updating every day! I live in Sector 1, and Santa launched on December 24th. I remembered; other elves were surprised to hear that because it was the 23rd. Thank you, Elves Frank, Crash, DJ, and a lot of elves for over 50 hours of Christmas music and the news every Christmas Eve. I always listen to Kringle Radio, and of course, I’ll listen to it this year too! Happy 31st anniversary, I’m delighted to celebrate it and help Santa as a Tracking elf! XD

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