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Sleigh Teams Coming Home for Thanksgiving

The test flight sleigh teams are coming home once again – this time for Thanksgiving.

Since Halloween the test flights of Santa’s sleigh have traveled south from the North Pole through Canada in Sector 5, over the waters of the northern Atlantic, down through Europe and Africa of Sector 3, back over the Atlantic to Sector 4 in South America and are slowly heading back north through Sector 5 to the North Pole.

In just a few weeks, those test flights have taken the sleigh through all kinds of weather over the course of thousands of miles.

How did Santa’s new sleigh perform?

That’s the one thing no one wants to officially talk about. North Pole Flight Command will say absolutely nothing about it.

But Elf Crash Murphy, in the radio report above, says the news is not good.

In fact, the news of Santa’s sleigh has not been good all year.

And, also as Elf Crash mentions, there are many elves really worried about it.

After Thanksgiving version #9 of Santa’s new sleigh will begin testing. And, like all things associated with Operation Merry Christmas, the hours are ticking by.

When Santa launches, what sleigh will he be flying?

That question is yet to be answered.

Stay tuned for more news on this topic for sure.

Elf Harold Star




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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold. Yes, the test flights are over Nevada now from Mexico. I’m glad to hear they return to the North Pole for Thanksgiving. How’s the weather? I hope they can get home smoothly. Thank you, elves Frank and Crash for the update. I think so too; any sleigh Santa will launch on Christmas Eve. But can he use his old sleigh in the museum? I wonder if an engineer or a responsible for the sleigh production can ride in his sleigh this Christmas Eve. So they can check how the sleigh is going and contact the N.P.F.C and the N.P. Navy immediately so that Santa can focus on his work safely. I believe too they can figure it out! XD

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