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North Pole Radio News
Weather Problems for Thanksgiving Day

It’s beginning to look like it will be a white and windy Thanksgiving at the North Pole. The season has already been active weather-wise and the snow will continue to pile up before, during and after Thanksgiving.

Elves stationed in remote places around the world will begin to arrive home to the North Pole starting on Sunday. All are preparing for a snowy landing.

The weather at the North Pole is like this for about 10 months out of the year, so none of this is a real surprise. But November is traditionally one of those months that mostly features cold, not necessarily the white stuff most the world fondly thinks of at Christmastime.

Those who live and work at the North Pole are used to such conditions but when the heavy snow coincides with public events like Thanksgiving folks tend to complain a little bit.

On the minds of most are the fun events of Thanksgiving morning – namely the Thanksgiving Day Elf Parade, the North Pole Turkey Bowl and the Snowman Making Contest. All of these events are outside and the wintery weather causes problems for each one of them.

As Elf Crash mentions in the North Pole Radio News report in the player above, the Thanksgiving Day Elf Parade marches right up Main Street of North Pole Village. But it is all uphill and even on a good weather day the route can be hard on participants because it can be a little steep. But in the snow it is quite something to see thousands of elves and reindeer trying to make that climb, avoid the flying snow and wave to whatever brave parade-watchers that are along the sides of the street.

The North Bowl Turkey Bowl is a Thanksgiving morning tradition of football. It’s a touch football game because Mrs. Claus insists that elves do nothing to possibly injure themselves that day. But when the element of blowing snow is added to the game things tend to get a little crazy. Elves love the drama of the deep pass, the long kicks and the easy opportunity of tripping an opponent or hitting them with the occasional snowball while on the field.

The Snowman Making Contest is a little more tame by comparison and you would think such an event would be appropriate in a snowstorm. But a North Pole snowstorm is not that calm, softly falling snow you see in Christmas movies. It is the blowing-in-sideways kind of snow you only see in places like Wyoming or South Dakota or in the Alps. That makes both building a snowman and then seeing a snowman kind of tough.

But, rain or shine, these weather problems for Thanksgiving Day are going to happen and we should have plenty of news to share of that day in particular.

Of course, we have several days yet to go until Thanksgiving Day. We will keep you posted of events leading up to Thanksgiving that may be impacted by the weather.

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  1. Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you Elf Harold, and Elves Frank and Crash. White and wind Thanksgiving! Santa, please come back home safely. I was surprised they go up to the hill for Elf Parade. Do you change the way if the condition is not good? Thank you, I’m so glad to know what kind of elves they do during the day. It still has time, I wish the weather would be better, and all events will go well! (Sounds funny Elves Frank and Crash are opposite to do in and out of the house ^^) I’m looking forward to the update soon!

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