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Chat with Santa Scheduled

Chat with Santa Scheduled 1

We are pleased to announce a special chat with Santa Claus himself is scheduled for Sunday, November 27th at 7pm EST in North Pole Chat at SantaUpdate.com.

We are planning this event at the close of Thanksgiving weekend because we’re not sure if Santa will have time for another chat before Christmas. Santa all month has been out visiting with children, families and groups of all types already this month and his schedule is PACK after Thanksgiving. So this chat might be the only opportunity to catch Santa online before Christmas.

So…if you can’t make this event, maybe you can submit a question for Santa via this link.

We ask that you keep the following in mind if you want to participate in this chat:

  1. This is a public chat, not a private conversation. Please do not ask personal questions or share private information.
  2. Santa wants to give everyone a chance to say hello and to ask a question. Please be mindful of others.
  3. We expect a lot of people on the chat, so please be patient.

There will be other chats scheduled between now and Christmas, we’re just not sure if Santa will be able to hold another one. We do plan chats with several elves and even with Mrs. Claus between Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas. Please check back to look at our chat calendar frequently.


Elf Winslow



Operation Merry Christmas

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you Elf Winslow. I really appreciate this chat with Santa, I’m very delighted to spend time with him! Yes, I’ll follow the rule in the chat room. I’m looking forward to seeing Santa and a lot of elves soon then! XD

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