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Thanksgiving Update

Thanksgiving is a little more than a week away and the North Pole getting ready to throw a big party for it. This comes on the heels of some rather subdued celebrations of the past few years so elves here at the North Pole are going all out for the effort.

We expect North Pole Flight Command to once again announce the return of all test flight teams, the test pilots and the reindeer to the North Pole starting the day before Thanksgiving.

We also expect a lot of visiting families here at the North Pole from elves who have extended invites. This is always a special part of Thanksgiving for those who live at the North Pole. Travel to the North Pole is difficult because there are no trains, no ships and no airlines that service the North Pole. The only way for family to visit is to come by special arrangement by sleigh.

Santa has to approve every flight and this year Santa is approving everyone.

Santa, as you know, loves Thanksgiving so much that he celebrates it twice each year. He travels early in October every year to Canada where Mrs. Claus has family. He celebrates Canadian Thanksgiving with them every year.

Of course, he also celebrates Thanksgiving at the North Pole with everyone here every November.

Santa will have to come home for that. He has been away from the North Pole since the day after Halloween, visiting with children, families and organizations nearly every day since then. The world events of the past few years has kept Santa from meeting with as many people as he usually does. He is trying to catch up as much as he can this year.

That means he probably won’t be back to the North Pole until very late on Wednesday of next week.

But he will be participating in all the traditional events of Thanksgiving at the North Pole.

As such, party planners are working on everything from decorating Main Street of North Pole Village for the Thanksgiving Day Elf Parade and the big meal that will be served that afternoon at the North Pole Community Center.

Over the next week we will try to share news and plans of all the events on tap for Thanksgiving at the North Pole.

In the radio news report which you can listen to via the player above we get an update from Elves Frank & Crash about other Thanksgiving news at the North Pole.

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you Elf Harold! I’m glad to hear how the elves are doing well in preparing for Thanksgiving than the last couple of years. I imagine many sleighs make traffic jams to come home now. Please drive safe! Santa is visiting the children as usual. Sounds so productive! Thank you Elves Frank and Crash. I’m curious about the turkey test flight Certificate test?! Lol They’re so unique. I wish the Flight Command staff could participate in the events too. Thank you always for sharing update!^^

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