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Answers About Thanksgiving at the North Pole


Elf Crash Murphy, eye-in-the-sky radio news reporter who follows Santa every Christmas Eve, was in North Pole Chat to discuss Thanksgiving at the North Pole. As with many places, Thanksgiving is a day of great tradition and celebration at the North Pole. In this chat, Elf Crash discusses some of the basics of the Thanksgiving Day Elf Parade and Santa’s walkabout that happens on Thanksgiving evening. Elf Crash also dishes on his favorite dishes – well, actually his favorite fast food places – as well as his weakness for pies.

This chat was very well attended, especially by elves from SantaTrackers.net. Here is the recap of their discussion of Thanksgiving at the North Pole:

Elf Ernest Ok, everyone. Glad you could make it today
Elf Ernest We are joined by Elf Crash Murphy, who as you know is Santa’s eye in the sky reporter
Elf Ulan Hello Elf Crash!
Elf Ernest He is also one of the main elves associated with SantaTrackers.net
Elf Kim Hey Guys
Elf Ernest He is here to discuss Thanksgiving at the North Pole and how elves celebrate it
Elf Ernest Since we have so many here today, I just want to go over a few ground rules for our chat today
Elf Ernest I will engage in a brief conversation with Crash, and have him answer some questions we have received via our website
Elf Ernest Once that conversation is over, you guys can ask your questions
Elf Ernest Everyone understand?
Elf Sugar Cookie Yes, sir!
Weathertrackingelf I completely understand
Elf Buddy yes
Elf Ulan Yes!
Crash Murphy Look at all the elves we have here today!!!
Elf Cookie yes
Elf Ernest Yes, almost all are tracker elves, Crash
Crash Murphy Amazing!
Elf Ernest That’s ok. Crash, how are you?
Crash Murphy Me? I’m happier than Santa in a cookie factory
Elf Ernest Hahaha
Elf Ernest Crash, we’re here today to talk about Thanksgiving. One question we get frequently is why is Thanksgiving Santa’s favorite holiday?
Crash Murphy I think there are many reasons, Ernest.
Crash Murphy But I think Santa just loves the togetherness of that day, as a time to get everyone together for one very simple reason – to be thankful.
Crash Murphy Santa loves the food and people joke about that but its not about the food.
Elf Ernest Well, why do YOU like Thanksgiving?
Crash Murphy I think it is for the same reason. I hope I speak for most elves at the North Pole when I explain why it is a big deal though
Crash Murphy Thanksgiving is when Operation Merry Christmas really comes together. We work on it all year but Thanksgiving is when we get together to celebrate a little and then GO
Crash Murphy It builds excitement
Crash Murphy It’s the starting gun for Christmas
Crash Murphy Operation Merry Christmas officially begins on Friday morning, the day after Thanksgiving, but I think it is Thanksgiving itself that makes Christmas happen
Elf Ernest Crash, are you ready to take questions from the group here?
Crash Murphy You bet! Let’s hear it, who is first?
Weathertrackingelf I have a question
Elf Ernest Go ahead and spell out your questions for Crash
Crash Murphy Hi Weather Tracker!
Weathertrackingelf What does the Elves eat on Thanksgiving?
Elf Ulan Hi Elf Crash! Do you put a big hat for the parade?
Weathertrackingelf Hi Crash
Crash Murphy We eat many things for Thanksgiving. Turkey is the tradition, as it is in many places. But for me, baby, it’s the PIES!!!
Elf Candy Cane Are we send pictures again like last year?
Elf Candy Cane gonna*
Crash Murphy Hi Elf Ulan!!! A hat is a must in the parade because we frequently get bad weather. In fact, I think we are forecast for big snow this year – again
julius hi everyone
Crash Murphy Hi Elf Candy Cane – pictures?!!! Yes, I don’t know who will make the announcement on pictures but we are going to ask for those again this year. THAT WAS FUN!!!!
Weathertrackingelf Crash, what is your favorite pie?
julius Hi Elf Crash Murphy
Crash Murphy My favorite pie is the one in front of me right now.
Crash Murphy Hi Julius. Welcome!
Elf Ulan Okay, that’s why. Please stay warm!
Crash Murphy I like pecan pie
julius thanks hold on f
Elf Candy Cane Is Santa’s favorite holiday Thanksgiving?
Crash Murphy And pumpkin pie
Crash Murphy And chocolate cream pie
Elf Ulan I like it too!
Crash Murphy Blueberry pie
Weathertrackingelf I make homemade Sweet potato pies
Crash Murphy Banana cream pie
Elf Candy Cane Yessss
Elf Sugar Cookie I LOVE chocolate cream pie! My mom makes an amazing one!
Crash Murphy SWEET POTATO PIE — yum!!!
Elf Cookie Hi Elf Crash! Its Elf Cookie! How is your life at the North Pole?
Crash Murphy Chicken pot pie, turkey pot pie, you make pie and you make me happy
Elf Ulan I’m a little confused about the parade and the walkabout with Santa. Are they same?
Crash Murphy Hi Elf Cookie, I love my life at the North Pole
Crash Murphy No, Ulan. The parade is in the morning and it is for elves. The walkabout is in the evening after it is dark — that’s to see all the new Christmas lights people put up.
Elf Cookie That’s good! Crash what is going on with Santa’s sleigh!
Crash Murphy Santa’s sleigh is being tested. This stuff you’re reading about with the sleigh is not unusual. It happens every year.
Crash Murphy No real worries about the sleigh, Elf Cookie
Elf Cookie I saw Trixie’s post on SantaTrackers.net
Elf Ernest Do you ever fly on those test flights?
Elf Ulan Wow, different! I want to join the walkabout there together someday ^^
Crash Murphy Sometimes, Ernest. Usually the last test flight is something I join each year. It’s kind of a warm up for me
Elf Cookie Crash what is your favorite football team that you watch and root for
Crash Murphy You know what, Elf Ulan? I love the pictures people send in. I’d love to see everyone send in pictures of THEIR Christmas lights on Thanksgiving night. That would be neat
Elf Candy Cane Do we have to send reports on Thanksgiving? Just wanted to know
Crash Murphy Oh my goodness, my favorite football team? Sorry to say I don’t have one. Football isn’t something I have a lot of time for,
Elf Cookie Okay that’s fine!
Crash Murphy Elf Candy Cane, reports will come through your elf supervisor. I doubt very much they will need much information from you on Thanksgiving
Elf Ulan You mean I should send a picture too
Weathertrackingelf Crash, I was wondering if you could give me a idea on how tondo a Elf shirt for a Christmas parade that I am going to be in this year
Crash Murphy I want to see everyone’s lights, Elf Ulan. And their Christmas tree, too! And, of course, their smiling faces. I just love seeing the pictures people send in
Elf Cookie Crash what is your favorite part of Christmas and why?
Crash Murphy Weathertrackingelf, not sure I understand your question….
Elf Ulan Okay, I’ll send it too! ^^
Crash Murphy My favorite part of Christmas is watching the little children see Santa. I love the look of love on their faces.
Elf Cookie That’s great
Crash Murphy Good golly, these are GREAT questions
Elf Cookie Merry Christmas to all of my friends at the north pole
Weathertrackingelf I  going to be in a Christmas parade this year and dressing up as a Elf, I am doing my own shirt, I was wondering if you had any ideas on how I should decorate my shirt
Crash Murphy I will pass that along, Elf Cookie
Elf Candy Cane If you don’t have a bike could you decorate like a table or something? For the Thanksgiving pictures
Elf Ulan I hope the Flight Command staff would join the evens this time
Crash Murphy Oh, that’s awesome WeathertrackingElf – Make sure you’re comfortable for your weather, first of all. And have someone there to take pictures or video so we can share.
Crash Murphy We don’t have an official “uniform”, though many people think we do. I highly recommend a “Santa” red colored shirt.
Elf Sugar Cookie Hi, Elf Crash! I apologize if this is a question that has already been answered on the last chat, but do you have any tips for Tracker Elves trying to spot sleighs on the ground? How can you distinguish sleighs from, say, airplanes or helicopters if you’re too far away to see properly?
Weathertrackingelf I will be getting pictures, and one of my with Mr. Grinch
Crash Murphy Yes, if you don’t have a bike or a trike or a scooter or something similar, just take a picture of yourself in your home tracking center
Elf Cookie Crash I am so excited for Christmas this year! I have been listening to Christmas music all year long
Crash Murphy Elf Sugar Cookie, I am in a sleigh so often I forget how hard it is to see them from the ground.
Crash Murphy But my best advice is to look to the skies at night
Elf Cookie Even though I get made fun of all the time at home
Crash Murphy Santa’s sleigh sometimes really “glows” at night, especially in areas when that sleigh is kinda empty.
Elf Candy Cane Similar to Elf Weathertracker’s question if you spot a sleigh you should take pictures or videos or anything like that?
Crash Murphy You should ALWAYS be prepared to get videos or photos of a sleigh in flight. We get thousands sent to the North Pole. Not all of them are Santa but some of them ARE Santa. The elves in Flight Command love those eye witness reports
Elf Ulan Does Mrs. Claus make meals for elves?
Elf Sugar Cookie Thank you for the tip, Elf Crash! And Elf Cookie, I’m sorry to hear you’ve been made fun of. I think it’s awesome that you listen to Christmas music. Do what makes you happy as long as you’re not hurting yourself or others!
Crash Murphy Elf Ulan, Mrs. Claus is constantly feeding us. And her cookies are **THE BEST**, no doubt
Crash Murphy I agree with Elf Sugar Cookie, more Christmas music for everyone. No apologies!
Elf Ulan You’re so lucky! I want it, or help her!
Elf Ernest Crash do YOU ever take pictures or video on your sleigh?
Weathertrackingelf What is your favorite thing about Christmas Crash?
Elf Cookie thanks
Elf Candy Cane Just a follow up to my last question, if we do see a sleigh we should share the photos with the other elves?
Crash Murphy Yes, I have a sleigh cam – actually a couple of them – pointed at Santa’s sleigh at all times. Flight Command uses those cameras and I’m not allowed to mess with them
Elf Candy Cane If I saw a sleigh, I would be shocked because I’ve never seen one before
Crash Murphy Elf Candy Cane, I think you are safe to share them right away on SantaTrackers.net.
Elf Cookie thanks
Crash Murphy Most people are shocked the first time they see a flying sleigh. Actually, one of my favorite things to do on Christmas Eve – when Santa lets me – is to go through a drive-thru in my sleigh
Elf Ulan How many sleighs does Santa have?
Crash Murphy Santa has thousands of sleighs, Elf Ulan. He has a museum of sleighs at the North Pole. Last year’s sleigh, for example, is already in the Sleigh Museum
Weathertrackingelf What is your favorite fast food place Crash?
Crash Murphy Santa really loves his old vintage sleighs
Crash Murphy He shows them off at sleigh shows every summer
Crash Murphy My favorite food place? Golly, I just love food.
Crash Murphy I love In and Out Burger
Crash Murphy KFC
Crash Murphy Taco Bell, a little bit if I’m in the mood
Crash Murphy Jack in the Box
Elf Ulan Thousands sleighs! And The last sleigh is already there!
Crash Murphy If they have a good burger, I like it
Weathertrackingelf You should try Sonic sometime Crash
Crash Murphy Oh yeah, I love Sonic. Like their ice!
Elf Ulan I only know kfc
Elf Ernest Ok, everyone. Just about out of time. Last minute questions?
Weathertrackingelf Have you ever had What A burger crash?
Crash Murphy They have KFC in Japan. I’ve been there!
Elf Ulan Can I ask about my badge?
Crash Murphy Yes, Whataburger is pretty good
Crash Murphy What badge, Elf Ulan?
Elf Ulan Yes a lots!
Crash Murphy KFC is HUGE at Christmas in Japan.
Elf Ulan Elf Educator badge
Crash Murphy Oh you have that badge?
Crash Murphy That’s awesome!
Elf Ulan Yes, I received it!
Crash Murphy I gotta tell you. We have been slammed by teachers this year. I am working on a list of questions from a teacher and her class in Australia
Crash Murphy That’s fantastic, Elf Ulan. I’m sure they need your help with that stuff
Elf Ulan Thank you but I don’t know who I work with
Crash Murphy I’m not one to really know that answer, but I’ll ask Elf Sandy Claus to get in touch with you about it.
Elf Ernest Any other last questions for Crash?
Weathertrackingelf Have a good one Crash
Crash Murphy Ernest, is it just me or did this chat go FAST?
Elf Ulan Thank you so much!
Elf Ernest Lots of good questions!
Elf Sugar Cookie Where do you typically go for Thanksgiving, Elf Crash? Or do you host a meal at your house?
Crash Murphy Very much so. Thank you, everyone!
Elf Ulan And I’m thankful for you Elf Crash
Crash Murphy Elf Sugar Cookie, I participate in the big dinner at the North Pole Community Events Center
Elf Ernest Thank you everyone for being here.
Elf Ernest And Crash, thank you. Well done!
Crash Murphy Thanks everyone! See you on the radio!
Elf Sugar Cookie That sounds like a lot of fun! Thank you, Elves Ernest and Crash; it was great to hear from you both! Have a great night!
Elf Ernest Bye Crash
Elf Ulan Thank you Elf Ernest!
Elf Ernest Excellent chat everybody! Thanks for being here
Elf Sugar Cookie Thank you for facilitating the chat!
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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you Elf Harold. And thank you again, Elves Ernest and Crash! It was wonderful, and I feel very shorter every time. I’m so happy to see tracker elves, learn about Thanksgiving at the North Pole, why Santa favors the holiday, and Elf Crash’s favorites, etc.! I’m looking forward to seeing some pictures elves send too. And I’m surprised he has been KFC in Japan!! I always listen to Christmas music on Kringle Radio all year round, making me happy and cheerful. ^^ Please have a very Happy Thanksgiving Day, and stay warm and safe. I’m looking forward to seeing you next! XD

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