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11 Weeks Until Christmas

11 weeks until Christmas! Can ya believe it???

11 Weeks Until Christmas

This weekend has so many Christmas things going on.

First of all, Santa and Mrs. C have headed out to Canada to celebrate Thanksgiving, as is their tradition every year. Mrs. Claus has family there and they love taking this trip every year. And Santa just loves celebrating Thanksgiving twice. Thanksgiving is, after all, his favorite holiday and it happens in Canada on Monday.

But they will be back pretty fast. I believe they are coming home on Tuesday because there’s this big to-do at North Pole Flight Command about the sleigh. If you’re not following along with the news from Flight Command about the sleigh you might want to start paying attention.

I was involved in a podcast last week with Elves Frank and Crash that featured questions from students and teachers. It was fun to do it.

It is a new episode of the Santa Trackers Podcast and I think many of you might be interested in it. It does cover some stuff about tracking Santa but there are some general Santa/Christmas/North Pole type questions in there too. I’m also adding it here, too.

The reason I bring it up is because we are working on a similar episode for the North Pole Podcast to come out soon. If you are a student or a teacher with a question to ask you can submit it at this link.

Elf Crash loves to do these episodes and he seems to be able to answer just about any question. So ask anything you want!

Christmas cards are also on the minds of many here at the North Pole. There are literally hundreds of exchanges set up among the Elf Community and I know several elves who send out thousands of Christmas cards.

When it comes to Christmas cards one of my favorite charity events here at the North Pole is the Christmas-Card-Artists events sponsored by Santa and Mrs. Claus. That starts this weekend, too.

Every year aspiring artists design Christmas cards that get printed for free by SantasSleigh.org, a little organization that helps families in need at Christmas. The event features a big display of each card and the artist is there to explain their design.

There are some artists there as young as 4-years-old and Santa puts no restrictions on who can design a card.

Elves and North Pole citizens can order cards and proceeds go back to SantasSleigh.org for the upcoming season. For many elves in Christmas card exchanges this is the only way they get their cards.

I joined a Christmas card exchange for the first time a year ago.

I thought at first it was kind of a hokey thing to do but when each day brought lots of cards to my mailbox I changed my mind. I enjoyed getting cards from people all over the world and now I think this is my new favorite Christmas tradition.

If you haven’t tried it I humbly recommend this Christmas card exchange at MyMerryChristmas.com

October is such a great time for Christmas events. Another event I won’t miss will be the Eggnog Workshop that happens next weekend.

Of course, Halloween is coming and you know what a big deal that is here at the North Pole. More on that next week, kids. Until then…


Elf Trixie


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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you Elf Trixie. Your podcast with elves Frank and Crash was amazing! I love it. I wish I could ask a question. Did Santa and Mrs. Claus come back to the North Pole? I’m happy for them to spend a peaceful time with their family. Yeah, I heard the news, and I pray the new version will perform well and the pilots and the reindeer safely. I’m interested in the Christmas card artist event and Eggnog workshop too. I’m looking forward to the next update. Thank you! XD

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