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Elf Victor Reveals Stuff About Reindeer


Elf Victor, head elf of Reindeer Operations here at the North Pole, visited North Pole Chat today to discuss Santa’s reindeer. Not only are Santa’s reindeer back at the North Pole for this year’s Christmas season, a few of them are playing pranks. Here is the chat recap:

Elf Ernest Today we will be chatting with Elf Victor, head of Reindeer Operations at the North Pole
Elf Ernest He will be assisted in the chat today by Elf Trixie
Elf Ernest And just like that, here he is!
Elf Ulan Alright!
Elf Ernest Victor and I will chat for a second or two, then we will open the discussion for everyone.
Elf Ernest Welcome, Victor and Trixie. I’m glad you’re here
Elf Ulan Hello, Elf Victor, nice to meet you!
Elf Victor Thank you. We are quite excited to be here.
Elf Ulan Hi elf Trixie!
Elf Ernest Victor, Elf Trixie mentioned in her countdown update yesterday that all the reindeer are now back at the North Pole
Elf Jolly Hi everyone!
Elf Victor Yes, they are all here.
Elf Ernest Did they come all at once?
Elf Victor They came in groups
Elf Ernest Were there any surprises in their arrival?
Elf Victor Yes one
Elf Ernest Oh? What happened?
Elf Victor Comet showed up with a tattoo!
Elf Ernest NO WAY!!!
Elf Victor Yes, but it was just a joke
Elf Ulan Tattoo?
Elf Ernest What was the tattoo?
Elf Victor It was a picture of Santa with the words “Just be nice”. It was on his rib cage
Elf Ernest Hahaha…did he have people believing he really did that?
Elf Victor Yes, he did. And he got a few of the other reindeer momentarily upset. Reindeer are not suppose to have tattoos
Elf Ernest What did YOU think when you saw it?
Elf Victor Well, he’s Comet. He’s a prankster. He didn’t fool me.
Elf Ernest So what did you do?
Elf Victor I had Elf Brewster put the hose on him. And it came right off.
Elf Victor And that made everyone laugh.
Elf Ernest Did Santa see it?
Elf Victor No, but I’m sure he’s heard about it by now
Elf Ernest Do the reindeer have a lot of rules…I mean, why can’t reindeer have tattoos?
Elf Ulan Did you take a picture?
Elf Victor I didn’t think to take a picture, sorry
Elf Victor The reindeer have a lot of rules, yes. Just as any elf does. Tattoos are definitely against the rules.
Elf Victor Tattoos are messaging. We don’t want anyone thinking anything about messages coming from the reindeer.
Elf Ernest But what if a reindeer WANTS to have just a picture of Santa or a Christmas tree in a tattoo. Would that be okay?
Elf Ulan But it’s a nice message though
Elf Victor No, not really. Santa would not approve of that.
Elf Ernest Wow, I had no idea things were so strict for the reindeer
Elf Victor Well, Santa doesn’t have a tattoo either.
Elf Ernest Oh. I had not thought of that.
Elf Victor There are many reasons. Santa wants to make sure nothing can be twisted as “advertising”.
Elf Ulan Me too!
Elf Ernest What would be advertising in a simple image of Santa?
Elf Victor Someone could take that image and put it into a brand, say, someone selling stockings. That would imply endorsement by Santa or the North Pole.
Elf Ernest Oh, I see.
Elf Ernest Maybe it’s a good idea that you didn’t get a photo then!
Elf Victor Yes, we have to be very careful. Reindeer are important ambassadors of the North Pole. We keep them very well groomed.
Elf Ernest Yes, I know the great care that is taken in how the reindeer always look. Santa’s team especially
Elf Victor Yes, you would not expect to see Santa in a t-shirt and jeans when he flies on Christmas Eve, would you?
Elf Ernest Oh, heavens no. In fact, I don’t think I’ve even seen Santa EVER wear a t-shirt and jeans.
Elf Victor Oh, I have.
Elf Ernest Seriously? When?
Elf Victor Well, this summer we had a project to rebuild the pens in the reindeer barns. Santa came for that project ready to work. Brought his tool belt even.
Elf Ernest Well, that’s different.
Elf Victor Yes, I agree. But it’s still not something you often see.
Elf Ernest Well, Victor, I’m sure our visitors have questions for you. I’ll turn the time over to them to ask you about the reindeer
Elf Ulan Are Santa’s reindeer from the same place?
Elf Victor Ok, thank you. I love doing this. And Trixie types so fast!!!
Elf Victor Hi Ulan. No, the reindeer come from all over the world. Different places. Some are from Northern Europe, some from North America. Others come from other parts of the world
Elf Ulan Thank you elf Trixie
Elf Victor Yes, Trixie is a whiz
Elf Ernest Where is Comet from?
Elf Jolly Male reindeer shed their horns in the winter, so does that mean the reindeer are all female?
Elf Victor Comet is from Norway, I believe
Elf Victor Hi Elf Jolly. No, Santa’s reindeer are just a bit different.
Elf Ulan Okay, I haven’t seen any reindeer yet. How to communicate with them?
Elf Jolly Makes sense considering they can fly
Elf Ernest If you want to read about which are boys or which are girls, see https://santaupdate.com/santas-reindeer/
Elf Victor Communicating with reindeer is an acquired skill, for sure.
Elf Victor Santa is what we call a reindeer whisperer.
Elf Victor He has a very unique relationship with them
Elf Victor It took him a very long time to learn how to communicate with them
Elf Ernest Victor, are you a reindeer whisperer too?
Elf Ulan Whisper! Not I thought he use jingle bells
Elf Victor No, I’m no way as skilled as Santa is. I’m a caretaker, he’s a pilot. We have different roles
Elf Victor He does use the bells, quite effectively I might add
Elf Jolly Who else is a reindeer whisperer other than Santa?
Elf Victor A “whisperer” is not a sound that Santa makes but a skill that involves knowing how reindeer are feeling and what they try to communicate. It isn’t done with words. It is done with the mind
Elf Victor Reindeer are very selective with who they communicate. I do have some skills and can tell very well how Santa’s reindeer feel. That is helpful especially when one of them gets sick
Elf Ulan Does Santa use reindeer language? Lol
Elf Ernest Are there other reindeer whisperers on staff among the elves?
Elf Victor We have many elves growing in their skills with the reindeer, yes. But none are as strong as Santa
Elf Victor Elf Ulan, that’s a really good question. For me, it isn’t given to me in words – but in feelings. I’ve never asked Santa for a total explanation.
Elf Victor He can get detail from them individually that I cannot
Elf Victor I think he and Blitzen and Donner especially “talk”.
Elf Ernest What do you mean by that?
Elf Ulan Talk
Elf Victor Blitzen and Donner are the leaders, the smartest of all the reindeer
Elf Victor Through them Santa learns of things about the other reindeer he cannot otherwise get. The story of Rudolph is a good example of that. He learned all that from Donner
Elf Ernest But isn’t Donner Rudolph’s father?
Elf Victor Yes, but it was Donner who explained what happened to Rudolph to Santa.
Elf Ernest Oh, I see. Does Santa ever NOT understand the reindeer?
Elf Victor No, he understands them all the time. In fact, he was down here this morning and held a meeting
Elf Ernest A meeting?
Elf Victor Yes, he just wanted a run down of all the teams and how they were feeling. He met with Blitzen and Donner and they told him
Elf Ernest Wow, how interesting
Elf Victor Yes, Santa deals with the reindeer different than he does any department or group of elves
Elf Ulan Yeah, very interesting
Elf Ernest How is it different?
Elf Victor Well, they are more independent, I guess you could say. For example, Santa never tells the reindeer when to come back to the North Pole. They just show up
Elf Victor He doesn’t command them or make plans for them. They just know what to do and he trusts them
Elf Ernest Last year when they came back so late was Santa worried?
Elf Victor No, not for a second.
Elf Ulan Do reindeer understand English or other languages?
Elf Victor There is a trust there that is unbreakable
Elf Victor Good question, Ulan. Yes, they understand some words in many languages. In fact, they all know the Rudolph song by heart and they tease Rudolph about it all the time
Elf Ernest They do?
Elf Victor Yes, they know how much that song actually bothers Rudolph
Elf Ernest It does? It has made him world famous!
Elf Victor Rudolph doesn’t like that either. He’s really a rather shy reindeer
Elf Ernest Do the reindeer have a lot of opinions?
Elf Victor Yes, they do!
Elf Ernest Oh? Like what?
Elf Victor Opinions just like everyone else about stuff. You just don’t get to hear a lot of those opinions
Elf Ernest No, we don’t. I’d love to hear what Frank Myrrh could do in an interview with a reindeer.
Elf Victor Oh, that would NEVER happen
Elf Ernest Oh, why not? Not even Comet?
Elf Victor Not even Comet
Elf Ernest Why not?
Elf Victor Because reindeer are shy, private and they like to do things without being noticed. They don’t like attention.
Elf Victor It is just in their nature
Elf Victor Santa once told me that is why they make sure good elves.
Elf Ernest Yes, we understand that now. Reindeer are elves.
Elf Victor Yes, it’s just hard to get other elves to see them as elves. But they serve Santa as well as any elf ever did. So they are elves.
Elf Ulan Do you have another animal elf there?
Elf Ernest Well, we are just about out of time. Any last questions for Elf Victor?
Elf Victor Ulan, I work with just the reindeer. But to answer your question, yes, Santa makes use of many animals in Operation Merry Christmas.
Elf Ulan And I would like to be a therapist for the reindeer some day!
Elf Ernest What other kinds of animals?
Elf Victor A therapist? Like massage or emotional support therapist?
Elf Victor Peguins and seals are common. But Santa has literally a zoo of animals at his command that he utilizes, often in secret.
Elf Ulan Both! I have a pet massage therapist certification
Elf Ernest Oh wow. Like what?
Elf Victor Ok, Elf Ulan. I would love to have your resume. We’d consider your skills for sure.
Elf Ulan I want to give my resume to you!
Elf Victor Pigeons, different breeds of cattle, horses, of course, and even carrier eagles.
Elf Ernest Carrier eagles?
Elf Victor Yes, I can’t tell you more. Security reasons.
Elf Ernest Whoa
Elf Ernest <– mind blown
Elf Victor LOL. He’s Santa. Don’t be surprised.
Elf Jolly Does Santa utilize vehicles, like planes and trucks?
Elf Victor Ulan, email me your resume at elfvictor
Elf Ulan How about polar bears?
Elf Victor Elf Jolly, yes, Santa uses vehicles of all types. Even boats of the North Pole Navy
Elf Victor Santa knows some polar bears but I don’t think he actually employs them
Elf Ulan Okay! I will!
Elf Victor I hear good things about you, Elf Ulan
Elf Ernest Victor, as always this has been a fascinating chat.
Elf Victor I enjoy this…as long as I have Elf Trixie to help me!
Elf Ulan Thank you, I’m glad to here that!
Elf Ernest Our thanks to you and to Trixie for your service today. Thank you for being here.
Elf Victor Thanks for having us. Bye!
Elf Jolly Bye!
Elf Ernest Thanks everyone for being here.
Elf Ulan Thank you, Victor, Trixie, and Ernest!
Elf Ernest Wow, what a GREAT chat
Elf Ulan I agree!
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  1. Elf Sugar Cookie
    Elf Sugar Cookie says:

    Thank you all for posting this wonderful chat; it is so exciting to learn more about the reindeer! That’s too bad that Rudolph doesn’t like his song. It’s one of my favorites; I hope he doesn’t mind that. If I ever see him, I won’t mention the song.

  2. mariella
    mariella says:

    Reindeer are one of my favorite things to learn about.
    Looking forward to Christmas. 🙂 :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Ernest. It was great and fun to hear about reindeer well from Elves Ernest and Victor. Elf Trixie, thank you for helping him. I want to know more about them, including the Department. I sent my resume to Elf Victor, and I hope he can find it and respond me in the near future. I look forward to talking again to you soon!

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