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Come Talk about Reindeer

Elf Victor

The chat with Elf Victor of the Reindeer Operations Department has been re-scheduled for 2pm EST on Sunday, October 2nd. The chat will be recorded for those who cannot attend.

The chat is a re-schedule of an event originally planned that month that was knocked offline due to a massive storm at the North Pole. It does not replace chat plans for October, which will be announced soon.

As you may have read from recent Santa Updates the reindeer have started their return to the North Pole. In this chat event Elf Victor will catch you up on all the news of Santa’s reindeer.

Elf Victor, as you also may know, is one of Santa’s longest serving elves. He’s quite old but he loves his job and he loves to talk about reindeer.

Once all of Santa’s reindeer are “back in camp” they will begin training for Santa’s flight.

Of course, these reindeer that I am talking about are the ones that fly Santa on Christmas Eve. They are not the same reindeer currently serving on the test flight teams for North Pole Flight Command. Many people do not realize that Santa actually has many thousands of reindeer that work for him and that live at the North Pole.

So please join us, if you can, this Sunday as we chat with Elf Victor!

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I want to become a elf.

How can I watch the recorded chat?

oooh!! this is so cool!!! i just love christmas!! <33