100 Days

The launch of Santa’s sleigh is the most anticipated event of the year at the North Pole. So many things have to happen in order for Santa to take off in his sleigh to bring Christmas to the world.

But the sleigh right now is the biggest of concerns. And that is a surprise.

The test flights of Santa’s sleigh are allegedly not going well, according to several sources at North Pole Flight Command. This year’s sleigh is based on last year’s record breaking design. But for whatever reason, the new sleigh is not repeating in tests what it achieved last year on Santa’s flights. Rumors are that the new sleigh is slow, less stable and woefully behind in development. Some elves are doubting whether Santa can use this design at all.

The next 100 days will tell the story. For most elves and experienced Santa observers that is plenty of time.

“We have seen this kind of thing before,” explained Elf Quinton Q. Quigley, head elf over at the Research and Development Department. “Santa does not have to sit in that sleigh until Christmas Eve. Many sleigh designs do not come together until the month of December. We still have lots of time to figure it out.”

Santa is aware of the troubles with this year’s sleigh. He has personally inspected new prototypes under construction and has made suggestions.

Santa will not personally pilot a test flight of the sleigh. Well, at least he hasn’t yet. He is not at all concerned with what he is hearing.

Already there have been four versions of the new sleigh design. I am told that we should expect to see several more as they work out all the kinks.

We will keep you updated.

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold! I heard the sleigh design this year was made based on last year, but they changed materials to lighter. I think Santa and theyvalready notice, but I wonder if it makes the sleigh less stable, so it can’t fly faster. I hope they can figure out the balance of the speed and stability well soon! We can send reports over and over if you need. Thank you again, and we will wait for the update!

  2. Ene Eduard Andrei
    Ene Eduard Andrei says:

    Hello Santa,You Will Put Gifts On My Christmas Three And I Created A Wishlist For You Santa Claus!

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