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Chat with Elf Crash Schedule

Chat with Elf Crash Schedule 1

Come chat with Elf Crash Murphy, our guest-elf-of-the-month for North Pole Chat at SantaUpdate. Crash is scheduled to be here at 1pm EST on Saturday, August 20th.

Elf Crash Murphy is Santa’s eye in the sky radio report who follows Santa on Christmas Eve. His reports are heard live on Kringle Radio, broadcast on over more than 160 radio stations around the world. He is called the Ultimate Santa Tracker by some.

Elf Crash is a senior advisor for the tracker elf program, headquartered at SantaTrackers.net.

He will be here to not only talk about tracking Santa this year but also to answer any general questions you might have about Santa, Christmas and the North Pole.

Hope to see you there!

Elf Winslow