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Christmas in July Chat with Santa and Mrs. Claus

Christmas in July

Santa and Mrs. Claus chatted with fans here on SantaUpdate.com for Christmas in July:

Elf Ernest Our chat with Mrs. Claus will begin in a few moments, Elf Trixie is settling in with Mrs. Claus right now.
Elf Ulan Okay!
Mrs. Claus Hello, Elf Ernest. Trixie and Mrs. Claus are on board.
Elf Ulan Hello, Mrs. Claus!
elfcuteness hi  how are you and santa claus is doing?
Elf Ernest Hello to you both and thank you for joining us!
Mrs. Claus Hello, hello, hello!!
Mrs. Claus We are all well. Santa is standing by for his turn.
Elf Ernest We have a lot of questions for you both
Elf Ernest We actually have more questions sent in than we will have time to cover.
Elf Ulan Yes!
Mrs. Claus That’s great!
Mrs. Claus But Ernest – do you mind? Can we take the questions from those friends who are here right now first?
Elf Ernest That’s fine! Great idea, in fact?
Elf Ernest Ulan and Elfcuteness…what might be your questions for Mrs. Claus?
Elf Ulan Thank you! How was the blackberry eating competition? Lol
Mrs. Claus The blackberry pie competition is sometimes a tragic event for me. Such a waste! But the elves who participated in it had fun and that is all that is important.
elfcuteness can santa see actually see children from the north pole
Mrs. Claus What does Christmas look like? What do you mean?
elfcuteness does santa knows when children are sleep and awake
Mrs. Claus elfcuteness…you mean, does Santa watch children???
Mrs. Claus No, actually, Santa doesn’t know when children are asleep or awake. That’s just a song.
Elf Ulan Yeah, I agree. I wanted help you
Mrs. Claus Santa can guess, and he often does.
Mrs. Claus Oooh, I’d love to have you help me, Elf Ulan
elfcuteness are elfs on the shelf actually real
Elf Ulan Than you! I’m so happy to hear that!
Mrs. Claus Elves and food can be kind of a crazy combination. You have to be a little stern sometimes with them, Ulan
Mrs. Claus Elves on the shelf? Never seen on. Seems an odd place for any elf to be.
Elf Ulan What workshops did you have this month?
elfcuteness have you ever heard  a place called wadley georgia and have you and santa ever been to wadley
Mrs. Claus I have attended and hosted a few different workshops this week. I just finished on making candy canes, which is harder than many people know
Elf Ulan Okay!
Mrs. Claus We did a workshop on fudge making that ended up being a long discussion on candy thermometers.
Mrs. Claus Some folks think that a regular thermometer is okay to use when making candies and it doesn’t work that way
Elf Ernest Did you attend Santa’s workshop on gift wrapping?
Mrs. Claus Attend it? No. He would be too nervous if I showed up for that!
Elf Ernest He would?!!!!
Elf Ulan Fudge making sounds nice I wanted to attend!
Mrs. Claus Yes he would. Santa is actually a very good gift wrapper but he didn’t start out that way.
Elf Ernest He didn’t?
Mrs. Claus No, I had to teach him how to wrap things. He was kinda sloppy about it at first. Now he is nice and neat.
Elf Ernest If he does well now why is he nervous with you there?
Mrs. Claus I don’t know. He’s kinda funny about some things.
Elf Ernest Hahaha. That’s hilarious. Would it be bad for me to ask him about it?
Mrs. Claus No, it wouldn’t be bad….but I wouldn’t bring it up because he’ll just deny it. That’s just a little thing between him and me. I make him nervous.
Elf Ernest YOU do?
Mrs. Claus Yes
Elf Ulan Santa always trys to learn. Amazing!
Elf Ernest What do you mean by nervous? You mean like scared?
Mrs. Claus Hahaha…intimidated might be a better word. Especially in the kitchen.
Elf Ernest Why is that?
Mrs. Claus I guess I’m a little fussy about some things. Santa tries so hard and he never wants to do anything wrong.
Mrs. Claus I think he knows I’m fussy and really, it’s a form of love. He never wants to displease me.
Elf Ernest What could he do to displease you in your own kitchen?
Mrs. Claus Well, drink right out of the eggnog carton without getting a glass.
Elf Ernest Does he do that?
Mrs. Claus Um…I’ve caught him a few times, yes.
Elf Ernest Hahaha….don’t we all do that????
Mrs. Claus Not in my kitchen you don’t.
Elf Ernest Oh. Hahaha. What does he say when you catch him doing that?
Elf Ulan Interesting!
Mrs. Claus He usually says he only wanted a little sip and didn’t want to dirty a glass.
Elf Ernest Hahaha…this is great.
Mrs. Claus Ernest!
Elf Ernest Wut????
Mrs. Claus Don’t you encourage him and don’t you ask him about this either.
Elf Ernest Oh. Why can’t I ask him about it?
Mrs. Claus Because I don’t want to embarrass him. Santa is a good man.
Elf Ernest Well…Mrs. C….this isn’t a character issue
Elf Ulan (okay!)
Mrs. Claus Hahaha….no….sorry I said anything….
Elf Ernest That’s really a funny little insight. Why else does he feel he needs to stay out of the kitchen?
Mrs. Claus He teases me about it but he just knows I’m particular about certain things when it comes to food.
Elf Ernest You really love to make foods for Santa and for others, don’t you?
Elf Ulan Btw, what’s your favorite knitting is you have?
Mrs. Claus I do. And I don’t apologize for it. Santa likes to give presents, I like to give casseroles. The same, right?
Elf Ernest Hahaha…sure, but I’m not sure I’d take a taco casserole down a chimney!
Mrs. Claus Good point!
Mrs. Claus Knitting…well, actually, I prefer to crochet
Elf Ulan Nice!
Elf Ernest I’ve seen you with those long needles, Mrs. Claus
Mrs. Claus Yes, I have them and use them from time to time. But crocheting is more my preference
Elf Ernest Someone once told me you make Santa’s suit. Is that true?
Mrs. Claus I tailor Santa’s suit. I could make them, but I don’t. His suits have become more and more complex over time though.
Elf Ulan I heard about that too!
Elf Ernest What do you mean by “more complex”?
Mrs. Claus There is a lot of technology in his suit this days. Flame retardant material and such. Lots of electronics.
Elf Ernest So… you say you tailor….what does that mean?
Elf Crusader Sorry I’m late
Elf Ulan Please teach me crocheting some day!
Elf Crusader Hello Mrs C!
Mrs. Claus It means I work on it to make it fit right. And to look good.
Mrs. Claus Ok Elf Ulan! We’ll have a little workshop, just for you!
Mrs. Claus Oh look, Mr. Crusader is here.
Mrs. Claus Hi Elf Crusader
Elf Ulan Awesome! That you X100000000!
Elf Ernest Hello Elf Crusader….do you have a question for Mrs. Claus?
Elf Crusader Yes
Elf Ulan Hi Elf Crusader!
Elf Crusader What do you and Santa do during the summer months? Surely you can’t stay in the pole  all summer
Mrs. Claus We don’t always stay here but this year we are, unless something comes up that requires Santa’s presence somewhere else.
Elf Crusader And thank you everyone for the hellos
Mrs. Claus We will travel in October to Canada for Thanksgiving. I have some family there.
Elf Crusader like what?
Mrs. Claus Like what…what?
Elf Crusader What would be something that requires Santa somewhere else
Elf Crusader Isn’t Santa’s primary focus on tracking and the pole
Mrs. Claus Oh it could be a billion things and it could happen at any time
Elf Ernest Well, well!
Elf Ernest Speak of the devil
Santa Claus Hello, dear
Elf Ulan Hello, Santa! Happy Christmas in July!
Mrs. Claus Hi honey
Elf Crusader Hello Santa Sir!
Santa Claus Hello, Elf Ulan!
Santa Claus Hi Elf Crusader!
Santa Claus Wow, two of my favorite elves in the same place at the same time!
Mrs. Claus Yes, they have been wonderful.
Elf Crusader Santa, I have a question for you: what do you expect of senior elves this year?
Santa Claus I didn’t mean to interrupt your chat, dear
Elf Crusader It’s OK Santa
Mrs. Claus You’re totally fine, Mr. Claus.
Elf Ulan I’m so happy being here with all of you!
Santa Claus Senior elves? Gee that’s a tough question
Santa Claus I assume you mean over at SantaTrackers.net and the Tracker Elf Community, right Elf Crusader?
Elf Crusader It seems ulan and I are the only ones here
Elf Crusader Yes sir
Mrs. Claus That’s totally okay
Elf Ulan Mrs. Claus, what vegetables do you have in your garden?
Santa Claus We, Mr. Crusader. Mrs. Claus advises me all the time, “Just be Santa”. And that’s good advice
Elf Crusader You are correct Santa. thats exactly what I mean
Santa Claus So, I would tell you, just be an elf. Think of others. That’s all there is to it
Mrs. Claus Well, my garden this year is doing GREAT!
Elf Crusader Absolutely sir! No problem
Mrs. Claus We have LOTS of zucchini, tomatoes, potatoes, and my favorite EGGPLANT
Elf Crusader Santa, I had this idea that we should have a Santa Tracker appreciation day or a day called Santa appreciation day
Elf Crusader But I wanna make sure you’re OK with it first
Elf Ernest Santa do you like eggplant?
Santa Claus Oh goodness, Crusader. Don’t do that!
Santa Claus And no, I can’t stand eggplant.
Elf Crusader Yuck eggplant!
Elf Ernest Hahaha
Mrs. Claus Now, Mr. Claus….
Elf Crusader Why not?
Elf Ulan Wow, so nice! You’re awesome! I know Santa knows lol!
Santa Claus I save it all for you, Mrs. Claus
Elf Crusader Do you know one thing Santa and I have in common? We both love cookies and eggnog
Santa Claus I don’t think we need to hold a special day for me. There are lots of others out there in need. I’m a blessed man and don’t need that.
Elf Crusader You’re so humble mr .c
Mrs. Claus Yes, we were just talking about Santa and eggnog.
Elf Ernest Should I ask Santa?
Mrs. Claus No, Elf Ernest, you should NOT
Santa Claus Ask me what?
Elf Ulan Lol!
Elf Crusader Now, I have never had elf eggnog. But I hope to try it someday (wink wink)
Mrs. Claus Your secret to your delicious homemade eggnog, of course!
Elf Ernest Of course! Yes, that’s it!
Santa Claus Oh it’s no secret. It’s vanilla. Everyone knows that.
Elf Crusader Hold on, Santa has a secret eggnog recipe that I didn’t know about?!
Mrs. Claus I didn’t know that!
Santa Claus That’s because I always make the eggnog
Elf Crusader I think we should make chocolate egg
Elf Crusader I mean to say chocolate eggnog should be a thing
Santa Claus And I can’t use that fancy vanilla of yours because you’re always afraid I’ll get a beard hair in it or something
Mrs. Claus Mr. Claus!!!!
Elf Ernest Hahahaha!!!!
Elf Crusader Lol! Well, your beard is long Santa
Santa Claus I have to import my own vanilla. Pack it in to the kitchen.
Mrs. Claus My vanilla is SPECIAL
Elf Ulan I didn’t know there are different eggnog. I have never try it yet
Santa Claus Yes, it is. That’s why a mere mortal like me cannot touch it.
Elf Crusader Santa, have you tried Irish soda bread or corn beef?
Santa Claus Oooh, Elf Ulan. Maybe I will bring you some eggnog this year.
Santa Claus Yes, Elf Crusader. I love Irish food
Elf Crusader Maybe you can bring some north pole eggnog to me too Santa
Elf Ulan Thank you sooo much! I’m so happy to hear that!
Santa Claus Maybe, Elf Crusader. But I know you’re a prolific eggnog drinker.
Santa Claus But it is scarce where Elf Ulan lives.
Elf Crusader My grandfather used to love you Santa. His name is John, But everybody knows him as Jack
Santa Claus Oh? Tell me about Jack.
Elf Crusader Is that a bad thing?
Santa Claus I try to remember everyone, even from long ago
Elf Crusader Well Santa he’s been in heaven since 2003
Santa Claus No it’s not a bad thing to drink a lot of eggnog. I’m just saying it is more available to you than it is to Elf Ulan. Have you ever tried making your own?
Elf Ulan Yes, we don’t have eggnog ingredients maybe
Santa Claus Oh my goodness. So Jack was a child…when? Maybe around the 1940s or 1930s?
Elf Crusader But I know he loved you. I model the way I do my Elfving after him
Elf Crusader Yes sir
Santa Claus Was Jack an elf?
Santa Claus Lots of good kids during those years.
Elf Crusader Not to my knowledge But I do know he loved to spread cheer
Elf Crusader And he was Irish
Santa Claus He sounds like a really great man.
Santa Claus Did he live in Ireland?
Elf Crusader He was Santa. He was. I wish you could visit his gravesite
Elf Ernest Santa…that actually leads to a question we get a lot…how do you remember all the children you visit? Do you ever miss any?
Santa Claus I wish I could visit it too. Where is he?
Elf Crusader At one point I believe and then they emigrated over to Sector 5 the us
Elf Ulan Well, Santa, what will you do during the test flight?
Santa Claus I have to be honest, Elf Ernest. No, I don’t always remember every child. Every once in a while we miss someone. We try very hard to not let that happen.
Elf Crusader Woodlawn cemetery in Oelwein Iowa sir
Elf Crusader Santa, that leads me to some thing. I wanted to thank you on behalf of me and my roommates for the gifts last year
Elf Crusader And for making sure we had a Christmas
Santa Claus The test flights aren’t something I get in to unless there are big problems. It is tempting, especially in early December, to want to check it out but I have to be careful with my time
Santa Claus I get to Iowa now and then. I’d like to visit him and pay my respects. Maybe you can message me his information.
Elf Crusader Last name Trusty
Santa Claus That’s kind of you to say. I enjoyed that very much!
Elf Crusader I will do exactly that sir. Thank you so much. My grandfather taught me everything I know
Elf Crusader I know it was an odd set of circumstances, But we loved it nonetheless. And we want that to keep going
Santa Claus I’m glad to know he was such a great influence. You sound like a very respectful young man, Elf Crusader. I really like that!
Elf Ulan Okay, do the right command choose your new sleigh?
Santa Claus We’d like to do that too. Elf Moe is your contact!
Elf Crusader I’m happy you agree and think that way Santa!
Elf Crusader Unfortunately, I don’t have anything to remember him by other than memories
Santa Claus Flight Command has a big hand in the development of the sleigh. But I’m like Mrs. Claus and her kitchen. I’m fussy about my sleigh. We look at design changes every winter and then those guys go to work.
Elf Crusader Did you know my grandfather Mrs c?
Santa Claus I’m sure you might have others in your family with memories you don’t have. Seek them out. I’m a big believer in ancestors, Crusader. I love mine. I always trying to learn more about them.
Elf Crusader That reminds me, I left out some reindeer feed a few years back and I’m be been curious to know who was the one that ate most of it?
Mrs. Claus Oh goodness, no. I wish I did though. He sounds like quite the man.
Elf Crusader Really?! So am I?
Santa Claus Oh I would have to ask them!
Elf Crusader I’m half joking with this question: when can I come to the pool?
Elf Ulan I’m happy you and Mrs. Claus look at it together! How nice!!
Elf Crusader *pole*
Elf Ernest The pool? What pool?
Elf Ernest Oh…hahaha!!!
Elf Crusader I meant the pole Ernest lol
Santa Claus You’ll have to catch a flying sleigh Elf Crusader
Elf Ulan Lol!
Elf Ernest Hahaha
Santa Claus As a tracker elf, you have a better chance catching a sleigh than the average bear
Elf Crusader How? That’s like asking me to find mistletoe!
Elf Crusader Lol
Elf Crusader Really? I didn’t know that
Santa Claus Catching a flying sleigh is necessary because it is a long, long way to walk
Elf Crusader But wait a minute, isn’t the pole like heavily guarded? And nobody really knows where it is
Santa Claus Oh yes, you have a lot of inside information and contacts now
Elf Crusader Are you saying I can hitch a ride in your sack?
Santa Claus Guards? We don’t have guards, no.
Elf Ernest But Santa…North Pole Security?
Elf Ulan (sorry to bother you, but will our supervisors ask us sending reports exactly what you need?)
Elf Crusader Yeah what about agent x and you know, Moe?
Santa Claus North Pole Security is about keeping Christmas safe in the world….not at the North Pole.
Santa Claus The thugs?
Elf Ernest Hahaha
Elf Crusader But then how do you stay safe in the pole  Santa?
Santa Claus Yes, key in on the elf supervisors. They are the leaders when it comes to tracking
Santa Claus The North Pole is not a dangerous place. Well, not in terms of anyone trying to do me harm. Never.
Elf Crusader Well, I guess it’s time to phone up Frank and crash and see if I can’t get a ride to the pole this year
Elf Crusader Not that I doubt it Santa, but how can you be so sure nobody wants to hurt you
Elf Ulan Okay, thank you, I feel relieved to hear that!
Elf Crusader And just out of curiosity, is there a department at the pole about zoology? I’d be happy to start one
Santa Claus Nothing against Frank and Crash but they aren’t who you want to talk to. You will need to talk to Elf Buck and get sleigh certified first.
Elf Crusader Wow! I can learn how to drive a sleigh?! sweet
Santa Claus I’ve never had a problem at the North Pole. East St. Louis? Yeah, that’s a scary place. But the North Pole is not.
Elf Crusader Let me guess, because of the bad people there
Santa Claus Being sleigh certified is about learning to BE in a sleigh. Not piloting one. That’s a different thing entirely.
Elf Crusader I could call that zoology department: the north pole animal conservation and zoological department
Elf Crusader OK, what do I need to know I learn?
Santa Claus There are some individuals who concern me there, yes.
Elf Ulan Interesting!
Elf Crusader You mean I have to get comfortable sitting in one?
Santa Claus We have a number of departments that work with animals, Elf Crusader. They all work for the Reindeer Operations Department. But it is always about more than just reindeer, important as they are.
Elf Crusader Never met buck, but Im up to the challenge
Elf Crusader Santa, which one of the reindeer ate most of that reindeer feed I left out back in Iowa
Santa Claus To ride in an open sleigh at the speed of light at an altitude over 40,000 feet is not for everyone. Ask Crash. It took him a while and he’s very good. It takes a very strong stomach, too
Elf Crusader I think it might’ve been donner
Santa Claus I’m not really sure, you’d have to ask them.
Elf Ulan Will Elf Victor organize all of the test flight reindeer?
Elf Crusader I’ve written on roller coasters no problem. Airplanes no problem. But a sleigh at 40,000 feet has to be cold
Santa Claus Donner is a notoriously light eater on our flight every year. He’s a big reindeer and has a hearty appetite. But he’s got…um, issues…with food prepared by people he doesn’t know.
Elf Crusader I don’t speak reindeer. At least not to my knowledge anyway
Santa Claus The test flight reindeer are all organized and Elf Victor led that effort. It is a big job.
Elf Crusader All I know is a hoof print left behind was huge
Santa Claus Then I guess there is room for your zoology skills to grow.
Elf Crusader I’ve been told I have a way with animals. Like a sixth sense. Sort of like I know what they’re feeling and thinking
Elf Crusader Yes sir
Mrs. Claus Elf Crusader. I know the desire to ride in a sleigh is strong with many. I understand that. I know a little something about it and can tell you it is harder than you can imagine.
Elf Crusader I heard Roger has another project for me ,do you know what that is
Santa Claus You mean you’re a monkey whisperer or something like that?
Elf Ulan Wow, Elf Victor works challenge but great!
Elf Crusader I’m guessing its like riding in a space shuttle .some thing I’ve never done
Elf Crusader Well Kinda
Santa Claus Mrs. Claus is being modest. She is a sleigh pilot and a very skilled one. She put years of work into it.
Elf Ulan Santa, do you think reindeer like a massage on them?
Elf Crusader Except more To do with animals native to Minnesota and basic animals like birds, wolves, cougars, snakes,owls,deer, buffalo
Santa Claus That’s awesome. Then yes, learning the language of reindeer is possible for you. Glad to hear you are gifted in this area and grateful for those skills.
Elf Crusader Thank you sir
Santa Claus Sometimes. To be honest, reindeer are kind of skiddish and sometimes very shy. They are loners, many of them. A massage is best applied when there is an injury but a healthy reindeer after a long flight isn’t really interested in that.
Elf Crusader Ernest, Max told me that elf Roger has a project for me. do you know what it is
Santa Claus I’ll let Elf Roger tell you that. Crusader.
Elf Crusader Who is the fastest on the team? Is it comet
Santa Claus It’s a training thing for other elves.
Elf Crusader No problem sir
Elf Crusader Oh that sounds fun
Santa Claus Comet is quite fast, yes. But Blitzen is usually the fastest. Sometimes Donner. Those two compete a lot and are very close to the same.
Elf Crusader And please tell the reindeer I said hello
Elf Ernest Folks, our time with Santa and Mrs. Claus is about up. Any last minute questions?
Elf Ulan Yeah, I heard they are shy. I have a pet massage therapist certificate, so if they are okay I want to do it for them some day^^
Elf Crusader Oh and please say a special hello to comet and Rudolph ( they are my favorites)
Santa Claus Oooh…that’s different! Maybe Elf Crusader will hire you to work in the North Pole Zoology Department as a therapist.
Elf Crusader I’d love to Santa! I could use some help!
Santa Claus I will. Maybe one day we can orchestrate a chat to take questions for the reindeer. That would be interesting!
Elf Ernest WOW!!!
Elf Ulan Wow, really?
Elf Crusader Definitely will be
Santa Claus Never say never. Good elves are hard to find!
Elf Crusader Sounds to me like Santa is on board with a zoology department at the pole!
Mrs. Claus Thank you, everyone, for your kindness today.
Elf Ernest Yes, thank you all for being here!
Santa Claus Merry Christmas everyone!
Elf Crusader Love and blessings Mr. and Mrs. clause!
Elf Ernest Thanks everyone!!!
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    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Ernest, Elf Trixie, Mrs. Claus, and Santa! It was fantastic to talk with all of you. I’d love to help Mrs. Claus anytime! I’m an elf of tracking Santa for Santa, but I also want to help her to make elves at the North Pole departments happier. I’m looking forward to her crochet workshop together! And thank you, Santa, for bringing me some eggnog this year! I’m always thankful for you all. I’ll continue to try to be a better elf for Santa’s mission successfully and others. And I wish I could work as a therapist for elf reindeer or other jobs if they need it someday. XD Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all again!

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