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23 Weeks Until Christmas

23 Weeks Until Christmas

Greetings, Christmas friends! There are now just 23 weeks left until Christmas.

23 Weeks Until Christmas

Christmas-in-July is in full swing at the North Pole. For many people that thought means that elves are just playing around. I tell you that’s false. There is work going on here like you would not believe.

I can’t get into Santa’s workshop. But that’s not because they won’t let me. It is because they have stuff going into the workshop in mass quantities. All kinds of stuff. Wood. Plastic. Parts for all kinds of stuff – screws, and springs, and boxes and stuff. Cardboard, electrical wire, and even plugs of all kinds.

It’s noisy in there, too. Elves are working up to 12 hours shifts and you know what? They all seem happy about it.

Flight Command now has their doors open. Santa said they had to “be back to normal” by July 13th. I was there that day and guess what? Nobody will tell me what the big secret was. They still won’t talk about it.

But what they will talk about is the launch of the test flight of Santa’s sleigh. They are all excited about it. I did learn there will be an announcement soon but I promised not to say anything.

My little reindeer – Trixie – who is not so little any more, is back at the North Pole.

She’s a test flight reindeer, part of a very select group. Those reindeer are all back in town. I have been bugging the Reindeer Operations Department to let me know when I can see her and be with her for a while and they told me to get with her this week. That she’ll be pretty busy starting next weekend.

I think that’s a pretty good clue that the test flights are going to begin soon.

Christmas-in-July for me is a favorite because it’s a season of learning. There are workshops for just about everything right now. How to make candy canes and gingerbread and fudge. It’s a great season for foodies.

But it is also a great time for learning about other things too, such as tinsel and garland and Christmas ornaments. All those things are part of Christmas and I love learning about them.

We have some big chats coming up, including with Mrs. Claus and I’ll be here to help with that. Elf Winslow will be making those announcements soon.

How is your Christmas-in-July going?

Elf Trixie

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Trixie! I always look forward to hearing from you ^^ Yes, I didn’t know they were already busy in July. That’s great; all the stuff arrived there now. They work so hard, but I understand they’re happy that maybe I would have felt happier as them. I’m glad to hear Flight Command is open now. They went well and can launch Santa’s sleigh test flight soon! And I hope your reindeer Trixie Is also going well, and we’ll know their secret later ^^ You’re so lucky to learn a lot of Christmas food and things every year. I wish I could learn there together. I’m looking forward to talking on the Chat with Mrs. Clause, you and all of you!! Happy Christmas in July!

  2. Elf GingerHolly
    Elf GingerHolly says:

    Thanks Elf Trixie!!! My Christmas in July is going great!!! Thanks for all your hard work! How is yours going?

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