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Chat Recap with Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus chat recap

Mrs. Claus visited North Pole Chat today and discussed a variety of topics, including the cooking and eating habits of Santa. (Santa was at home grilling today, something that he loves to do).

Chat recap with Mrs. Claus

Also discussed is the fact that she is a trained and certified sleigh pilot, how she puts mint in her chocolate chip cookies, and pet of the Claus family home.

The chat was well attended, especially by elves from SantaTrackers.net, who had many questions for Mrs. Claus. Elf Crusader, Elf Radar, Elf Ulan and even Elf Crash Murphy were in attendance.

It made for a lively chat.

Elf Trixie stayed long in the chat (she was helping Mrs. Claus) to answer some questions that had come in via the website by visitors from all over the world.

We know that some who wanted to be there for the chat could not come today. So we have provided a transcript of the chat below:

Elf Sugar Cookie Hi Elf Ernest
Crash Murphy Hi Ernest
Elf Ernest Howdy!
Elf Ernest Are you ready for your chat today?
Crash Murphy Yeah…thought I’d hang out here until then
Elf Ernest Good call
Ulan Hello, Elf Ernest!
Elf Ernest I have a TON of questions that have come in for Mrs. Claus…
Ulan Hi Elf Crash!
Elf Ernest Hi Elf Ulan!
Crash Murphy Greetings, Elf Ulan!
rundasherrun Hi guys!
Elf Ernest Hello rundasherrun!
rundasherrun Hi guys!
Ulan Hello Mrs. Claus!
Elf Ernest Hello, Mrs Claus!
Elf Taylor Hi!
Mrs. Claus Please give us a minute here. Trixie’s helping me
Elf Ernest No rush.
rundasherrun Hi Mrs.Clause
Elf Ernest Hi Elf Taylor
Elf Ernest HI everyone! While Mrs. Claus is getting settled let’s discuss how this is going to work today
Elf Ernest Mrs. Claus has a great many questions that have come in via the website
Elf Ernest So many that I can’t get to them all.
Elf Ernest So she and I will have a brief conversation to begin where we will answer those questions or at least a few of them
Elf Crusader Hello everyone
Elf Ernest Then we will open it up for discussion and I will try to fit in more questions as we go along, okay?
Elf Crusader Yep!
Mrs. Claus Ok, Ernest, Trixie and I are ready now
Elf Ernest Welcome, everyone! Today we’re chatting with Mrs. Claus and this is kind of a treat because we don’t get this chance during this time of year very often to chat with her
Elf Ernest Mrs. Claus, I have many questions that have come in from the website, do you mind if we start with a couple of those?
Mrs. Claus Sure thing!
Elf Ernest We have a lot of questions for you about Santa. What is he doing today?
Mrs. Claus Santa is being a lazy boy today!
Elf Ernest Oh boy! I can’t even imagine that
Mrs. Claus I’m just teasing. Sunday, as you know, Santa likes to take a rest
Elf Ernest So what is he actually doing?
Mrs. Claus Well, he’s got a hammock out back and he’s smoking meat today. He loves to do that
Crash Murphy Reindeer?
Elf Ernest Crash
Crash Murphy Sorry
Mrs. Claus LOL. It’s just chicken today
Elf Ernest Does he get to do that much?
Mrs. Claus Not really, no.
Elf Ernest Lots are asking questions about vacation. Are you and Santa headed out?
Mrs. Claus Not really. We usually take a week in October when we go to Canada
Elf Ernest What do you do there?
Mrs. Claus We visit family. We love the early Thanksgiving.
Elf Ernest It seems some years you and Santa travel a lot and others you keep it kind of close to home.
Mrs. Claus Yes, this year we are staying close to home.
Elf Ernest Well, Mrs. Claus, we’ve got quite a few people here today, do you want to take some of their questions?
Mrs. Claus Yes, of course, dear!
Elf Ernest Ok, guys, fire away!
Elf Crusader Hi Mrs c!
Mrs. Claus Hello Mr. Crusader!
Elf Crusader I have a question for you: does santa get gifts on Christmas
Mrs. Claus Of course, Santa loves getting gifts for Christmas. Santa always visits him.
Elf Crusader Lol oh btw, hello trixie
Mrs. Claus (Trixie says hi to everyone!)
Elf Crusader thats it for me for now ! Thank you
Mrs. Claus Santa always gets what he wants for Christmas, too
Elf Crusader Of course he does
Mrs. Claus Some people think that it is strange that Santa brings Santa things for Christmas. But believe me, he’s well taken care of.
Elf Crusader I wish he knew how much we all love him and appreciate him
Elf Ernest Who else has a question?
Crash Murphy Is Santa ever surprised?
Elf Taylor Hi Mrs. Claus! What do you do at the north pole?
Mrs. Claus Yes, he “acts” surprised every year.
Mrs. Claus Every once in a while I can surprise him.
Elf Crusader How?
Mrs. Claus Well, I’m Mrs. Claus. So I do many things. I’m kind of like an assistant Santa
Mrs. Claus I work a lot of special projects
Mrs. Claus I do a lot of work for elves and their families, too
Mrs. Claus But mainly I do whatever Santa needs me to do.
Elf Crusader Mrs c, I hear your cookies are legendary
Crash Murphy Mrs. C is a certified sleigh pilot
Mrs. Claus Oh stop,
Elf Crusader What?! No she isn’t! Quit pulling out legs crash lol
Crash Murphy I’m serious as a heart attack here. She flies. I’ve seen her.
Elf Crusader As good as santa?
Mrs. Claus I do not do it very often
Mrs. Claus And nobody is as good as Santa.
Elf Crusader Why?
Crash Murphy Yes, she’s as good as Santa
rundasherrun I was thinking, in view of the Costa-Rican conferance, is there a tanning salon at the North Pole? Could be a great opportunity for an enterprising Elf.
Mrs. Claus I went with Santa on Christmas Eve several years ago. I even went down a chimney. I don’t like it. But it needed to be done
Elf Crusader Mrs c, what do you think santa would say to having a new department at the pole?
Mrs. Claus Goodness, rundasherrun, I have no idea
Elf Crusader Oh yeah, crash mentioned that on my podcast
Crash Murphy Yes, there is a tanning salon at the North Pole. The place smells like hot elves.
Mrs. Claus I wonder if it does any business. I cannot imagine going into such a place
rundasherrun LOL!
Elf Crusader Lol no crash. I meant like one called the environmental and zoological dept
Elf Ernest The North Pole gets a lot of heavy weather. Do you go long periods without sun?
Elf Crusader I have before
Mrs. Claus It can be a long time between periods of sunshine I think you just get used to it. Of course, I do a lot of work in the greenhouse so sometimes I get warm there
Elf Crusader I live in a norther state in the USA where snow in winter is commonplace
Mrs. Claus I’m from Canada originally, so I can relate.
Elf Crusader You garden Mrs c?
Mrs. Claus Yes, I love to garden. I grow my own vegetables and have for many years.
Elf Crusader I had no idea you had a green thumb and were environmentally sound!
Elf Ernest That actually related to a question that came in from the website. They want to know what veggies Santa likes
Mrs. Claus Santa likes all kinds of veggies but he is most well known for those he does not like.
Elf Crusader If there isn’t a department dedicated to the environment at the np there needs to be one
Elf Ernest Oooh, that is interesting. What doesn’t he like?
Elf Crusader Like onions?
Mrs. Claus He does not like broccoli
Mrs. Claus But he loves onions, Elf Crusader
Elf Crusader Who does really?
Mrs. Claus He probably likes onions a bit too much
Elf Crusader Fried or raw?
Mrs. Claus Mr. Claus can eat onions any way they are prepared. Or raw. I’ve seen him bite into a fresh onion like an apple
Mrs. Claus He is actually a very big veggie eater
Elf Crusader Ewwww! I despise raw onions
Mrs. Claus In fact, he’s got some eggplant on the grill today
Elf Crusader Doesn’t that give him halitosis?
Mrs. Claus Most people cook onions, Elf Crusader
Mrs. Claus Yes, onions….affect him.
Elf Crusader How I like mine
Mrs. Claus LOL…he’s going to love reading this chat later
Elf Crusader Oh boy
Elf Crusader Sorry santa
Crash Murphy So he’s doing chicken and eggplant today?
Mrs. Claus Oh and brats and corn and some pork ribs.
Elf Ernest Wow, Santa is hungry!
Elf Crusader Im craving BBQ grilled  chicken now!
Mrs. Claus When it comes to the grill Santa tends to get ambitious
Mrs. Claus It’s a passion for Santa. He loves to cook outside. Even when the weather isn’t great.
Elf Crusader Man , santa sounds like me! I love grilled food!
Crash Murphy Do you have guests today?
Ulan Hi Mrs. Claus! I’d like to make a stocking and knit something together with you and Elf Trixie someday!
Elf Crusader Mrs c, can I come for dinner( half serious(
Mrs. Claus No guests today. Santa wanted a relaxing day.
Elf Crusader Aw man !
Mrs. Claus Hi Elf Ulan. That would be lovely! But I don’t knit much. You’d have to teach me
Mrs. Claus Trixie and I have done some stockings though.
Elf Crusader Mrs c, exactly how “famous” am I up there?
Mrs. Claus Elf Crusader, people are naming their cats after you at the North Pole.
Crash Murphy Hahaha!
Elf Crusader Really? I guess that’s an honor
Elf Ernest Mrs. Claus, really??
Mrs. Claus No, you silly boys.
Ulan Thank you! I can teach you, and please teach me how to make your stocking!
Elf Crusader Crash, have you heard from frank about the podcast?
Elf Crusader I fell for that one Mrs c
Mrs. Claus I just want Elf Crusader to know that everyone knows who he is after those podcasts with the world famous Crash Murphy
Elf Crusader Wow!
Crash Murphy Now you stop it.
Elf Ernest Mrs. Claus do you have a cat?
Elf Crusader So crash, when we gonna go grab an eggnog together?
rundasherrun You lost me at the grilled brats… that’s a staple food here
Mrs. Claus Yes, we do have a couple of cats. Santa won’t let them in the house though.
Crash Murphy Good question, Crusader. I’m ready
Elf Crusader Not a big cat person( at least domestic cats anyway).
Mrs. Claus Truth be told, Santa’s not huge on cats either. He calls them fickle.
Elf Crusader Maybe Before my next podcast, you send me down some elf eggnog to try
Elf Ernest So why do you have cats then?
Mrs. Claus Because I like cats. The cats are mine and the dogs are Santa’s.
Elf Ernest Another question from the site: do you have other pets?
Elf Taylor I love cats!
Elf Crusader What about a wildcat Mrs c? Like a lynx? Or snowcat?
Elf Crusader I kinda figured you were a cat lady Mrs c
Mrs. Claus Not really. We have a fish tank but we have an elf who does all the work for that. The fish all have names and when Santa comes in the room he just says “Hello fish!”
Ulan I love cats too!
Mrs. Claus No, no wild cats. Not even feral cats.
Elf Crusader I have fish too! Wow that’s crazy
Elf Crusader I can understand why
Mrs. Claus I used to know what kind of fish we have but I’ve forgotten. They are pretty to look at but I’m glad Elf Gomer takes care of them.
Elf Ernest Does Santa like the fish?
Elf Crusader Wonder if trixie would do an article on me?
Mrs. Claus He’s okay with them as long as he doesn’t have to take care of them.
Elf Crusader Who’s  gomer?
Mrs. Claus We had a terrible accident a couple of years ago when a water heater in the tank went haywire.
Elf Ernest Oh oh
Mrs. Claus Yes, we lost a few fish. It was sad.
Elf Crusader Uh oh..,
Mrs. Claus But there was a black mollie that survived and Santa gave her a terrible name
Crash Murphy What did he name her?
Mrs. Claus The angel fish of death
Crash Murphy Hahahaha! That’s a great name
Elf Taylor wow
Elf Crusader Maybe, if I was up there I’d help with all the animals. That is a naturalists job
Mrs. Claus She went on to have dozens of babies
Mrs. Claus And we still have her.
Mrs. Claus But we gave most of her babies away
Elf Crusader That’s a little dark. Even for santa
Mrs. Claus Santa can have pretty sharp humor sometimes. I have to tell him to cool it with the kids now and then.
Mrs. Claus Sarcasm is an art few do well.
Elf Crusader Sounds like the pole could def use my naturalist expertise Mrs c
Mrs. Claus Probably so, Mr. Crusader. Though there are many animal experts here.
Elf Crusader There are?
Elf Ernest Well, folks our time is spent. Any last questions for Mrs. Claus?
Mrs. Claus Yes, we have many reindeer experts as you might expect
Elf Crusader Nope. See ya Mrs c! Love ya!
Mrs. Claus But also penguins, seal and polar bear experts
Elf Crusader Wow!
rundasherrun Thanks for your time Mrs. Claus
Elf Crusader No further questions ernest
Elf Taylor thanks mrs. claus!
Mrs. Claus Yes, we have issues with people trying make pets of some of those or feed them things they don’t want them to have
Ulan Penguins?!
Mrs. Claus This I think is common in most parts of the world
Elf Crusader Crash, see ya later in chat?
Mrs. Claus Oh yes, many penguins at the North Pole. Different types than at the South Pole
Elf Crusader You’re right
Crash Murphy Yes, Thank you, Crusader – top of the hour chat in Elf Chat at SantaTrackers.net
Elf Ernest Mrs. Claus, thank you. I believe a lot of good information came out of today!
Elf Crusader Bye Mrs claus! Send Santa my love
Ulan Thank you, Mrs. Claus!
Mrs. Claus Thank you Ernest. I’ll be glad to handle some of those website questions if you want to send them to Trixie
Elf Taylor bye Mrs. Claus! thank you!
Elf Ernest Good idea! I send some to her. There’s no way you can get through all that came in.
Mrs. Claus We will do our best
Mrs. Claus Thank you everyone! Have a great day1
The questions below came in via the website and Trixie asked Mrs. Claus for her answers after the chat above:
Trixie Mrs. Claus, this question is from Pixie in Sector 5 – When you and Santa get to relax together what are your favorite things to do?
Mrs. Claus What a lovely question. Santa and I share of love of history. We love to read books about it together and talk. We also enjoy working on family history and genealogy. But we also shop together and visit places together as well.
Trixie You talked today about Santa cooking outside. Does he also made dishes in the kitchen?
Mrs. Claus Not as often, no. That is kind of my space and Santa respects it. He’s kind of a messy cook and I don’t like that.
Trixie Ashlee in Washington States asks, “When do you start making candy for Christmas?”
Mrs. Claus I usually start right after I put the Thanksgiving turkey away. I like to make up treat baskets for my family and friends that I send in the mail and that usually includes either hard candy or fudge, depending on how far it has to travel.
Trixie Kristin in Sector 1 wants to know if Santa and the reindeer have gone past her house during the night recently.
Mrs. Claus Oh I don’t think so, dear. Santa hasn’t been out in his sleigh for many months. That will change soon, though.
Trixie Karla in Sector 5 wants to know if you have a good cookie recipe that includes chocolate chips and peppermint?
Mrs. Claus Oh my yes, I have several of them. Maybe you and I can do a post soon about cookie recipes, Trixie? That would be fun. One thing Karla should do is to look for chocolate that has mint already in it. Things like Andes mints make wonderful chocolate chip cookies. You have to be really careful with peppermint because it can take over every other ingredient in the cookie. So I like to experiment with chocolate that already has mint in it.
Trixie Emma in Sector 5 is asking what your first name is. She says it is on the Elf Knowledge test and she cannot find the answer.
Mrs. Claus Well, she won’t find the answer because we haven’t published that anywhere. I’m simply known as Mrs. Claus. Not even Santa uses my real first name. He made up this rule a long time ago and I keep telling him it is no big deal if people know my real first name but he insists it IS a big deal. Santa and I don’t even use our first names with each other. Ever. Just the way it’s always been.
Trixie Why? What do you call each other?
Mrs. Claus We call each other honey or dear or sweetheart – just never our names. I don’t know why. It’s been like that since we first fell in love and honestly I really like that. At first other people in our families used our first names, early in life you know. But Santa and I never ever have.
Trixie Imogen in Sector 3 wants to know if you can turn her into an elf in September?
Mrs. Claus Oh goodness. I can’t turn anyone into an elf. Imogen needs to visit SantaTrackers.net and read up there on the business of becoming an elf.
Trixie I love this question we have next for you. It comes from Hazel, she is four and from Sector 5. She wants to know if you wear your hair up every day and what color is it?
Mrs. Claus Oh bless her heart. Yes, I usually wear my hair up. It’s neater that way and I’m kinda funny about being neat and tidy. My hair is very white, isn’t it, Trixie?
Trixie It is! But it’s beautiful, Mrs. Claus!
Mrs. Claus Thank you, Trixie. I wanted to color it long ago but Santa didn’t like that idea.
Trixie Do you always do what Santa says?
Mrs. Claus Well, no. I want him to be happy. But he just tells me what he likes, not what to do. Santa is very good to me. He’s my best friend.
Trixie Awwww. Why didn’t Santa want you to color your hair?
Mrs. Claus He said the white color went really good with my complexion. Can you believe that?
Trixie Well, I think he is right. You have beautiful clear skin, Mrs. C. I’m kinda jealous, to be honest.
Mrs. Claus You are too kind but you should be happy with how you look, dear. I think you are very pretty.
Trixie Thank you, Mrs. Claus. Does Santa comment on your hair and your makeup a lot?
Mrs. Claus Yes. Santa always notices me and compliments me freely. Too much sometimes, I would say.
Trixie Maybe he just wants you to feel good.
Mrs. Claus He does. Santa is thoughtful that way.
Trixie Here’s a serious question from Brandon in Sector 1. He wants to know if you influence the things that Santa brings him.
Mrs. Claus That’s a very good question, Trixie. And the truth is that a lot of people have a hand in what Santa brings. Mostly mothers and fathers. Some parents ask Santa NOT to bring certain things that their children want. It’s not just me.
Trixie That makes some parents sound kind of mean, Mrs. Claus
Mrs. Claus Oh I don’t mean it that way at all. What I mean is that some children put things on their wishlist they shouldn’t have. Last year a great kid named Trevor wanted a big hunting knife for Christmas. He asked for that after going on a hunt with his Daddy for the first time. He’s ten. Well, Trevor’s Mom wasn’t ready for him to have something like that. So Santa didn’t bring him a knife. Trevor had a very good Christmas but Santa listens to parents.
Trixie When do you get involved with the gifts that Santa brings?
Mrs. Claus I usually don’t ever get involved unless Santa mentions to me that he’s having a hard time making a decision. Sometimes I will get a letter from a child or from a parent about a special situation and I have to talk to Santa about it. But most the time Santa will tell me about a child on his mind and ask me my opinion about what he should do.
Trixie My goodness. How does Santa remember all this? It seems like a terribly detailed kind of thing.
Mrs. Claus It is. He has elves that help him keep notes and things. But he knows children pretty well, their situations and things. And as I said he is very sensitive to parents and situations in the home that might cause problems. He knows in families with several children that they will compare and count gifts and things like that. Santa tries to remember everyone and to be wise in his gift giving.
Trixie Mrs. Claus, thank you for take the extra time to answer these questions that have come in by way of the website.
Mrs. Claus Thank you, Trixie. Excellent questions! I hope to do this again soon.

Some want to know when Mrs. Claus will be chatting again. We believe this might happen during Christmas in July. We are still working on the calendar and will let you know.

Elf Winslow

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