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Toyvember Ends Soon


Santa has announced that Toyvember will end soon. Elves worldwide are encouraged to get their submissions in no later than Saturday, May 21st.

Toyvember was called way back on February 21st of this year. That makes this event a full three-month Toyvember, the longest ever in history.

Toyvember is a special brain-storming event all about toys. During Toyvember Santa excuses participating elves from their regular duties to solely focus on new toy ideas and designs.

Some of the best toys ever made have come from Toyvember events.

Santa has already announced that winners of Toyvember will be recognized during our Christmas-in-July events at the North Pole.

The end of Toyvember now is a signal of change at the North Pole. It means a new season of intense work and production in North Pole departments is upon us.

After all, the work of everyone at the North Pole is Operation Merry Christmas, the little effort we call the delivery phase for Santa.

In order for Santa to take flight, a lot of work has to happen first.

The end of Toyvember means that busy season is soon to be upon us. Some consider Leon Day – the 25th of June – to be the real start of the “busy season”.

Keep a watchful eye for breaking news here on SantaUpdate.com in the weeks ahead of Leon Day about all that is happening at the North Pole.

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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you Elf Harold. I think there are lots of toy’s ideas and designs they have now. I think Santa enjoys seeing them! It was very fun to think about it. I’m curious who the winner is. Christmas in July has a lot of events and sounds exciting! Let’s have fun together!! I’ll continue check updates here, and I’m looking forward to working for Santa with elves after that XD

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