Tracker Update

The world of tracker elves has seen a surprising number of new elements so far this year. We thought it best to give you a tracker update.

The Elf Community at has been completely remodeled. A points system has been installed to help active tracker elves to move along in their elf careers. A number of new elf jobs have been made available to elves worldwide.

This is all due to changes that Santa has personally engineered this year to the tracker elf program. The program ended its five year “beta” and is now a full and official part of Operation Merry Christmas. That means the program will move forward under the direction of Santa himself.

Tracking Santa for Santa is very different than traditional trackers who show up every Christmas Eve to see where Santa is. Those are Santa fans. A tracker elf who tracks Santa for Santa is different – they are elves. They help Santa get around the world. They help Santa be Santa.

For five years the North Pole tested this concept. It proved helpful enough that Santa was able to improve his delivery speed and accuracy every year the program was in place.

The next steps for the tracker program will be to accelerate that success. That begins by building the Elf Community at

A special announcement about further details of the Tracker Elf program is scheduled for July 11th, during Christmas in July.

For more information about the tracker elf program we encourage you to visit, attend Elf University, and joining as an elf tracking Santa for Santa.

Elf Harold Star

2 replies
  1. Flynn o meallaigh
    Flynn o meallaigh says:

    You were really good at Christmas I liked my presents so next Christmas I will give you 🥛🍪 and hot chocolate and Carrots 🥕 for the raindeers and maybe a present 🎁 for you
    Happy days from flynnyspyer ……….

  2. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you, Elf Harold! Exactly, the Elf Community changed a lot nicer. I finally became an elf last year, but I was a Santa fan for the last five years and I didn’t know how to become an elf then. I’m so happy to work as an elf with elves around the world for Santa directly. That’s amazing! I’m looking forward to knowing the special announcement in July and to working with y’all and new elves together for Santa this Christmas too. Have great days, and Merry Christmas XD

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