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Elf Supervisor Event in Costa Rica

Elf Supervisor Event in Costa Rica 1

Santa, Elf Roger Star and a small staff of attending elves left the North Pole today in the early morning hours by sleigh bound for Costa Rica, where Elf Supervisor meetings will be held all week.

The Elf Supervisor event was announced more than a month ago after major revisions to the Tracker Elf Program and website were introduced. Santa has new goals and ambitions for how tracking Santa for Santa will be done this year.

The Elf Supervisors will be the first to learn of how it will all be different.

It should be noted that a Tracker Elf Press Conference has been scheduled for July 11th, 2022. It will detail changes for the upcoming season for tracker elves who track Santa for Santa.

The training in Costa Rica will be facilitated by Santa and Elf Roger Star, who is the International Director of Santa Trackers.

In attendance at the meeting will be Elf Crash Murphy, certified Elf Trainer and one considered to be the Ultimate Santa Tracker. (Crash trails Santa every Christmas Eve, filing reports of Santa’s activities and position on Kringle Radio).

Other attendees include Elf Buck Sanchez, Flight Director at North Pole Flight Command; Elf Victor, head elf of Reindeer Operations; Elf Sandy Claus, head of the Department of Elf Resources; and Elf Agent X, head of North Pole Security.

Elves from North Pole media include elves Ed Zachary, Trixie, and Elf Meg Nogg of NorthPoleFlightCommand.com.

As news becomes available during this week it will likely be shared by one of these individuals.

Elf Harold Star