Easter Egg Roll
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Easter Egg Roll a Snowy Mess

The big Easter egg roll event at the North Pole ended up a snowy mess as hundreds of families, elves and children in attendance had to battle the elements with their colorful Easter eggs. The Easter Egg Roll is a North Pole Easter tradition.

The egg roll is basically a race. Eggs are placed on a sloped track. They are released at one time and race towards a finish line.

There is a lot of science that goes into successfully rolling an egg down the track. Some stand the egg up and it rolls end-over-end, while others lay the egg on its side. Either way, getting completely down the track is never a guaranteed thing, much less doing it first. Doing all that in winter conditions just complicates things.

It is an event full of surprises and lots of giggles.

This year’s event was hampered by falling snow and strong winds, which made the weather the determining influence in the event.

It was won by 7-year-old Clancy Mills, of Snowfield Heights, a neighborhood of North Pole Village.

Clancy’s deep purple colored egg, which he named Sally Ann, plowed the distance of the track ahead of every other contestant. The egg survived 9 races to take the overall prize.

This year’s event featured lots of hot cocoa, which Mrs. Claus kept flowing with the help of a team of 40 elves who volunteered for duty.

Faces and hands were cold but spirits ran high during the event.

The much anticipate egg launch event failed to draw much of a crowd. It started a bit late in the afternoon after the winds picked up.

The first launches actually saw eggs drift south in the wind, far out of reach from those competing with their egg catchers. The general consensus of the event was “better luck next year”.

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