Santa Launches

Today officially marks 250 days until Santa’s launch.

What has changed since the last time we marked a milestone to Santa’s launch? That was the 300-day mark to launch, way back on February 26th.

Since that time there has been a major makeover to the Tracker Elf program, and their website at

We have also seen progress on the project to find new regional headquarter locations for every sector.

One sector – Sector 4 – has even named their location already and as we speak they are moving furniture and computers there to Milagro, Ecuador to get them operational.

We expect more sectors to announce their locations in the next few weeks, too.

Santa’s sleigh for this year has been built. Well, that’s to say that several prototypes have been constructed. They still need to be painted and then testing can begin.

Technically they are ahead of schedule with that stuff but only because there is no design phase this year. They are using last year’s design. So things are well in hand with the sleigh project.

North Pole Flight Command has a number of other Santa tracking projects underway, including a big event this next week in Costa Rica for Elf Supervisors. I cannot tell you much about that event because the details are being withheld. I think much of that information is confidential.

A number of elves from the News Department are being sent to Costa Rica so maybe we will learn something from them about it in the next few days.

There is no further news to share with you at this time about Santa’s reindeer, Santa, the sleigh or Santa’s launch. It’s just getting closer and we’re getting ready.

Elf Meg Nogg