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36 Weeks Until Christmas

Greetings, Happy Easter and Happy 36 weeks until Christmas!

36 Weeks Until Christmas

I must be getting old. The time now left until Christmas is just nothing. I cannot believe it’s Easter already.

The time is going by fast but I’ll be honest with you: the weather at the North Pole today is miserable and I know I have been complaining a lot about the snow since, well, Christmas.

You should see those kids out there: hunting for Easter eggs, rolling Easter eggs, launching and catching Easter eggs – all looking like Frosty the Snowman out there. I see smiles and I hear laughs and that makes me feel good.

But I cannot be out there with them. I’ve just had enough of winter this year.

I am getting a break soon, though. Early, early Monday morning I’m catching a sleigh to Costa Rica. It is supposed to be 90 degrees there when I arrive.

I’ve never been there before.

I do not know what to expect. Technically, I’m working. I’m there to report on the Elf Supervisor’s meeting. And I will do that.

But how many working people get told to pack a swimsuit and sunscreen for a business trip?

That’s what they told me.

I don’t know what next week will be like. But I hope what they are saying about the weather is true. I hope I come home with a tan.

Because I’m sure that when I get back there will not only still be snow but it will likely be snowing at the North Pole.

Happy Easter, wherever you are!

Elf Trixie