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Toyvember Winners to Be Announced


Toyvember continues at the North Pole, despite speculation Santa would end it due to events scheduled for some next week. However, we did learn that Santa expects to announce “winners” of Toyvember during Christmas in July.

Santa is reportedly very pleased that elves around the world are participating in Toyvember. He claims that Santa’s Workshop will have new projects for “years ahead” due to all the new ideas for toys coming from this event.

When pressed for an answer about how long Toyvember will go on Santa merely said elves should “keep working and not think about it”.

Next week this Toyvember will go on record as the longest ever. It could go on quite a bit longer if winners won’t be announced until Christmas in July.

Some are wondering how Toyvember has affected preparations for Operation Merry Christmas.

In checking with Elf Bernard at Santa’s workshop production there remains on schedule. He reminded me that production is always fairly slow in the first half of the year because they need time to get all needed supplies to the North Pole. He said it is especially slow this year, so Santa’s call for Toyvember was very well timed.

Other departments said pretty much the same thing. The North Pole Post Office has been able to keep up despite the staffing shortages created by Toyvember. The Wrapping Department said that because the workshop is slow they are slow as well.

Even the Sleigh Department, which normally is very busy at this time of year with new sleigh design work, says that with Santa just wanting to slightly modify last year’s sleigh they have been slower too.

May through early July is traditionally a time of vacation for many elves. In talking to various supervisors that appears to be the plan this year as well. But no departments are expecting issues between the extension of Toyvember and the start of vacation season.

Elf Winslow