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37 Weeks Until Christmas

37 Weeks Until Christmas 1

37 weeks left until Christmas and how quickly things change around here. I barely mentioned the Elf Supervisors meeting in Costa Rica last week and now I get to go there too.

37 Weeks Until Christmas

It’s a long story that you can read about in the Santa Tracker Herald Star.

In fact, all the news these days seems to center around the world of tracker elves. Don’t you think it is about time for you to become an elf?

That being said, it is a little strange to be talking so much Christmas during the season of Easter.

Easter is still happening here at the North Pole. I just haven’t had time to focus on it like I thought I would.

In fact, if there was any Christmas really going on to be talking about I thought it would be Toyvember. It’s still going on.

Many here thought Santa would end Toyvember by now and get elves back to work on other stuff. Especially with that Elf Supervisor thing going on in Costa Rica. But Santa hasn’t said a word and elves remain away from work in big numbers, all working on their secret toy ideas.

I hear rumors that Santa’s Workshop is getting lots of submissions and that this year could bring a bumper crop of great new toys for Christmas.

We’ll see. I talked to Elf Walter Snow, who is an elf in engineering over at Research and Development. He said it usually takes about three years for a Toyvember idea to go from just a thought to an actual toy.

Elf Walter must have one of the greatest elf jobs in the world. His entire office is what he calls a “toy lab”. His job is to build and play with the new toy ideas that come from Toyvember. He said this latest toyvember is so creative that he will be busy for years messing with all the new toys.

How would you like to have that elf job?

Signs of spring are everywhere here at the North Pole. Elves are starting to plan vacations. There is a lot of talk of plans for Christmas in July. In fact, spring is everywhere except in one important area: the weather.

It just will not stop snowing here. Actually, storming. It seems everyday here has really high winds, which means blowing snow everywhere and really, really cold temps.

I want it to stop.

Yes, I know it is the North Pole and this is just the way life is. But I’m glad Costa Rica is coming up. I need a break from the snow.

I hope you are well where you are!

Elf Trixie