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38 Weeks Until Christmas

38 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi ho! Only 38 weeks to go until Christmas.

38 Weeks Until Christmas

But all we are talking about is Easter. It is in season now, just a couple of weeks away. Folks are getting worried that the festivities that weekend are going to affected by all the snow we have been getting.

Our weather here at the North Pole does not get much notice because it is much the same in the winter. In fact, I honestly believe we have had one form of snow or the other every day since last Christmas. I kid you not.

Everyone gives Elf Seymour grief because he always predicts daily snow from Christmas to Easter but he only does that because that is what happens. The snow in the winter is just like nowhere else in the world and it is so common we never even talk about it.

But Easter is late this year, and I think the hopes were that the snow would start to abate a little so that the Easter Egg Roll could be somewhat normal. Nobody is quite sure now. The snow is not stopping.

And there is a new reason to hope for it.

You see, Santa is holding a conference for Elf Supervisors right after Easter. It’s happening down in Costa Rica, the week of the 18th.

This is a recently announced affair, something unusual because they will be down there for a full week.

Costa Rica. As in sunshine, warm days and high surf. The boys are carrying on about it all.

Now, mind you, there are plenty of girl supervisors who are going to this thing. But the girls left behind at the North Pole – namely, me and Mrs. Claus – are starting to make some plans.

With Santa and Elf Roger away training Elf Supervisors, what kind of trouble do you think we could get into? Even with snow?

Mrs. Claus wants to make some plans. I have half a mind to tell her that maybe we should steal away to somewhere tropical on our own, eh? What do you think? Maybe Hawaii? Tahiti? How about the Virgin Islands?

Ha, never mind. We would need reindeer for that. In fact, I wonder how Santa is pulling this off. He’s Santa so I’m sure all he has to do is snap his finger and flying reindeer will show up. I’ll have to ask about this.


When Mrs. C and I figure it out, I’ll let you know.

Meanwhile, the rumblings about Christmas-in-July are starting. I am aware of a few small events planned already. But I think the real announcements are in the days and weeks ahead of us this fine month of April.

Stay tuned.

Elf Trixie

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What was your username there?

I found you and have initiated a password reset. Please look at the email address you used to register on the site.