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Chat Recap with Elf Crash Murphy

Chat Recap with Elf Crash Murphy

Elf Crash Murphy, Santa’s Eye-in-the-Sky reporter, was in North Pole Chat today in an informal gathering that featured a lot of Tracker Elves.

One such tracker was Elf Ulan, of Japan, who asked Crash about Santa’s reindeer and their roles on the team. Elf Crash gave a very detailed and instructive answer, describing where each reindeer is in position and what their specialty is as members of Santa’s elite team of reindeer.

Crash also discussed changes with the Tracker Elf program, as seen at SantaTrackers.net, and talked a little about what new tracker elves might experience this year.

The course of conversation also covered how big Santa’s operations are at the North Pole, why planes from Russia have been recently seen over the North Pole, the role of Senior Elves in the Elf Community, and just why Crash likes the bathroom so much at the Claus residence.

It was a wide-ranging conversation that you can read now permanently available in the Chat Archives at this link.

Our next chat happens on April 24th and features Elf Roger Star, International Director of Santa Trackers.


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  1. Elf Ulan
    Elf Ulan says:

    Thank you Elf Ernest, Elf Crusader! Elf Jolly, and Elf Crash! It was very fun and great time with y’all! Christmas is not traditional and holiday in my country so people here know just a little bit, and some information is wrong. For example, people believe Santa is from Finland because they come to the international airport every year, deer pull Santa’s sleigh, they don’t know very famous name of Rudolph because there are no his name in the lyrics in my country language, etc! We usually buy and eat “Christmas cake” and KFC fried chicken lol. KFC is a little expensive here so I buy a roasted chicken instead. We didn’t have turkeys, ham, pie, gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies with sprinkles, only children or younger couples get presents (so only Santa gave me candies last year. Thank you!), and so on. I mean that’s a big difference! So students in my town are so surprised when ALTs who are from America and I tell about Christmas every year. I’m really happy and excited to hear anything about Christmas, Santa, and his family, friends, and elves, etc.! Thank you again Elf Ernest and Elf Crash for telling us about our questions. I was so excited being with you and listening to about the reindeer, and Mrs. Claus’s house, and I was so lucky to be able to get up before 4 am local time to join the chat XD. I’d like to tell students about it in the future. I’ll look forward to talking with y’all again next time! Thank you!!

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