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40 Weeks Until Christmas

40 Weeks Until Christmas

There are just 40 weeks until Christmas. I’m telling you, this year is almost over. It is going by SO fast.

42 Weeks Until Christmas

Sorry I missed last week. I got myself a good cold. No, not Covid. But it set me back on my back side. I was in bed for more than four days!

I got myself into some trouble recently. I now write a column for the Santa Tracker Herald Star called North Pole Rumors. It’s a gossip column and I really love writing it.

But I might have taken it too far. I wrote a piece I titled “Elf Earthquake”, which talks of rumors of major changes coming later this year for the tracker elf program.

As you may or may not know, the Tracker Elf program has been explosively popular and last year it topped greater than 200 million elves world wide tracking Santa for Santa.

But things are changing.

Big time.

I talked to an elf – a source that I vow to keep anonymous – and he told me a lot of tracker elves are going to lose their jobs this year.

I couldn’t confirm that to be true, but I talked about it with more than one elf in-the-know at North Pole Flight Command and that makes it a red-hot rumor.

So I wrote about it in my column.

Without warning, and even though I still had a stuffy nose, I found myself under an unwanted spotlight. (I’m a shy girl).

Everyone, from Elf Roger on down, wanted to know who told me that elves would be fired.

Well, guess what?

I ain’t telling.

I must protect my sources. I must defend my right as a journalist to say what I want, even if it is just a gossip column.

Now, I don’t know that elves will for sure be fired. Those guys in Flight Command were not messing around. Not only did they tell me that but they were working on “it” – whatever “it” is that occupies their time right now. “It” has something to do with the tracker elf program and it’s big.

It’s so big – and my little column made so many waves – that Elves Frank and Crash did a podcast about it this week, too.

They’re trying to calm everyone down.

Why would they need to calm everyone down if something is NOT going on?

I might still have a scratchy little throat but I feel great.

I’m justified. Whatever it was I said that got the kerfuffle (I finally get to use that word!) going must have been true.

So there.

Not bad for a rookie reporter, eh?

Til next week, friends – we’ll be in the thirties!


Elf Trixie

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  1. elf radar
    elf radar says:

    Good job Elf Trixie. I did get a little nervous after reading your last rumors column. Elf Crash and Elf Frank did a good job with their podcast. Now l’m more exited about these changes than nervous. Thank you for your contributions.

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