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300 Days to Santa’s Launch

300 Days

North Pole Flight Command marks another important milestone today as the countdown clock ticks down to 300 days until Santa’s launch from the North Pole.

North Pole Flight Command

The number may not mean much to people outside of the North Pole but it is a marker that the North Pole takes serious.

In Flight Command, by this 300-day marker, decisions should have been made relative to Santa’s new sleigh and the scouting of new regional tracking centers.

Flight analysts and Santa tracking planners should have preliminary plans in place for a flight plan and how Santa will be tracked through out his flight. All of that appears to be on track.

In Santa’s Workshop annual quotas should be known and each sub-department and elf should have individual goals in place. It is too early to really tell if production numbers are on track but that will be known by Christmas in July.

The North Pole Navy is also in planning mode at this time of year but they will soon be deployed to study environmental conditions in different parts of the world. Data from last year’s flight is studied as the ships deploy to areas where Santa ran into unanticipated problems. One of those areas is right around the equator near the country of Brazil. So several ships of the North Pole Navy will soon be there conducting tests and taking measurements.

300-days to launch is also a time of elf training at the North Pole in many different areas. Tracker Elves over at SantaTrackers.net will soon have something called Elf University to go through.

Elves in the Wrapping Department will be trained on new equipment there and even elves in the Reindeer Department will receive training on reindeer sports medicine techniques that are new.

There are many other activities marked by this 300-day milestone.

Elf Meg Nogg

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