Busy Times at North Pole Flight Command

Flight Command

The Sleigh Department at North Pole Flight Command has announced some changes to building Santa’s new sleigh this year.

Flight Command

Last year’s sleigh was such a success that designers feel it cannot be significantly improved upon. A new sleigh will be built on that design and last year’s sleigh will head to the North Pole Sleigh Museum.

The new sleigh is under construction. Test flights are expected to be announced for much later in the year. Last year test flights began in early June.

Meanwhile, Flight Command has started the process of scouting locations for regional tracking centers.

Each sector hosts a tracking center to coordinate activities with Santa, sleighs and trackers in each sector. The five regional tracking centers serve as a backup to North Pole Flight Command.

North Pole Flight Command is also overseeing an overhaul of the Santa Trackers website, which is scheduled to be complete before Christmas in July.

Due to the massive growth enjoyed last year in the Elf Community at SantaTrackers.net a number of improvements and organizational adjustments have been made.

Recently the formation and staffing of Santa’s Council was announced featuring Senior Elves selected from the Elf Community.

They will tackle together the difficult issues that sometimes arise with tracker elves all over the world.

The Senior Elf position will prove a great assist with maintaining the membership at SantaTrackers.net. These special elves will verify, moderate and mentor new elves in their service to Santa.

We are soon to pass another milestone in the countdown to Santa’s next launch. We will keep you posted of the details and the progress of North Pole Flight Command as that countdown continues.

Elf Meg Nogg

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