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Chat with Elf Max Scheduled

Chat with Elf Max

A chat with Elf Max of SantaTrackers.net is scheduled for next Monday, February 21st at 3pm EST in North Pole Chat.

Chat with Elf Max

Elf Max is the webmaster at SantaTrackers.net, the growing community of elves who track Santa for Santa each year.

Santa Tracker Elves work for Santa and are stationed around the world. They number in the millions. Every Christmas Eve they work with North Pole Flight Command to help Santa get around the world quickly and then safely back home.

SantaTrackers.net is their website and online community, which is managed by Elf Max.

Max will be here to discuss tracking Santa for Santa and all the updates coming to the Elf Community this year.

This is a good opportunity to meet an elf-in-the-know who works with many other elves from the North Pole in service to Santa.

Please join us to engage Max with your questions in North Pole Chat.

4 replies
  1. Ashlee
    Ashlee says:

    I wont be able to attend this meeting due to me being in Seattle and due to one my grandmother’s passing away

  2. Flynn o meallaigh
    Flynn o meallaigh says:

    Ho ho ho I like Christmas 🎄 it is a jolly year from flynn OK 👍 👌 🙆‍♂️ 😀
    I AM 7 on the 20th of July

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