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46 Weeks Until Christmas

46 Weeks Until Christmas 1

Greetings friends, elves and Santa Fans! There are just 46 weeks left now until Christmas.

46 Weeks Until Christmas

The past couple of weeks have been a little tough for me. I’ve been sick. In fact, I know a lot of folks both at the North Pole and just about everywhere else have been dealing with lots of seasonal sickness. If you’ve been sick, I feel your pain.

It is hard to be in a happy place like the North Pole when you feel miserable. I will spare you the ugly details. I’m just glad to finally be back on my feet.

Many of you have been writing in about the Corona virus. Yes, it’s here too. Just like nearly every other place at the North Pole.

But it is not the first virus – or even the worst – that the North Pole has had to deal with. Some of you long-time visitors to SantaUpdate know about that nasty virus that hits here now and then called the Bah Humbug Bug.

We have not talked about that for the past couple of years and it’s likely a good thing that we have not.

But it’s real.

The worst of it is that it can affect both elves and reindeer alike. The big fear here is what would happen if Santa ever got the Bah Humbug Bug.

But that has never happened. And, to be sure, Santa has not contracted the Covid virus either. So relax. Everything is okay.

But we should talk about this stuff.

It has been several years since that terrible virus hit the North Pole. Not only does it give you flu-like symptoms it is a virus that kind of makes you anti-Christmas. You get really grumpy about anything Christmas related.

I was talked to Elf Grumbles the other day – you know, the guy in charge of safety in Santa’s Workshop – and HE got the Bah Humbug virus several years ago. Grumbles says it is a really nasty bug.

When he got it a week or so before Christmas he actually took down his Christmas tree. Grumbles actually showed up at the workshop – wearing shorts even though it was -40 below and snowing outside – and he told all the elves to stop working and to go on vacation.

Of course, nobody listened to him because they knew he had the virus. Elf Bernard and Elf Lionel were really upset that he even showed up at the Workshop. He could have gotten a lot more of the elves sick.

But by then most of them had taken “the cure”. It’s not a shot but rather and eggnog flavored elixir that has the medicine in it that keeps the virus at bay.

I tried it. They were really worried last year about the virus so they all made sure we took a swig of that stuff.

Nobody here got that virus last year, thankfully. But they watch that stuff pretty close here and at any sign of it they break out the meds.


I’m looking forward to getting back to work next week.

I sincerely hope you are feeling ok. Eat your veggies, kids. Get your exercise. Spend time in the sun if you have it (we don’t, it’s been dark here for months).

I am generally a healthy girl but I do not like being under the weather. It’s for the birds and no fun at all. So please keep yourself healthy.

Elf Trixie

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