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Chat with Elf Ernest This Sunday

Chat with Elf Ernest This Sunday 1

Elf Ernest will be in North Pole Chat this Sunday at 5pm EST to discuss the year ahead on SantaUpdate.com.

Elf Ernest is Santa’s Sr. Vice President of Public Relations at the North Pole. His division operates the News Department, including all of the official North Pole Websites. Elf Ernest has authored the Santa Updates from the North Pole since 1991.

He is an exceptionally well connected elf at the North Pole. He knows all the key elves and he is very close with Santa. If anyone knows what’s happening, it’s Elf Ernest.

Usually Elf Ernest likes to serve in a background capacity in North Pole Chat. But for this first chat of the year Ernest will take up the big chair himself and try to answer questions from our site visitors.

We encourage you to come visit with this exceptional elf so that all your big questions can be addressed.

Elf Winslow

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Santa I love hearing the north pole news every time a new one comes out I wish I could see you at the north pole miss you Santa love you Santa

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