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49 Weeks Until Christmas

49 Weeks Until Christmas

Hello, Friends! There are now 49 weeks until Christmas.

I spent time this past week with Trixie, my little reindeer. She will be leaving the North Pole soon with all the other reindeer.

You’d think we would have gone all over the place in a flying sleigh. But Trixie did not want to do that. She was given permission to come home and she wanted to be in the backyard.

I was happy to do that. She seemed some peaceful and happy.

She has become a big girl. So many muscles on her. But she is also so very calm. I love looking into her big brown eyes.

Santa came by to visit her the other day. He seemed pretty calm too – well, relaxed you could say. He told me how proud he was of Trixie and what a strong addition she has become to the team.

I asked Santa what he was up to these days and he told me something really neat. He leaves on Monday for Australia, where it is summer time. He’s going down there to study astronomy.

Santa told me that for all the technology on the sleigh he likes to navigate by the stars. And because so much of his time is spent in the North every few years he likes to head to the southern hemisphere to study the stars.

Santa also told me the reindeer – 3 year olds like Trixie will be this year – also study the stars so they too can know how to navigate.

He explained that Trixie will spend a whole season at one of the southern ranches in Argentina or maybe New Zealand. She will be given a course and to graduate she has to find her way back home on a wilderness adventure.

I told Santa that sounded scary to me.

He told me not to be afraid. Trixie, with all the other young reindeer students, will have elf supervision through out the course. They have never lost a reindeer during this training.

Santa said Trixie will come away with a lot more confidence. If it goes well, she should be able to find her way back to the North Pole from any place in the world. Santa said this and other courses are part of turning Trixie into a “super” reindeer – one of the few who really know more than the average who can do super things.

I sure hope so. I worry so much about her. I do not want her hurt.

I’m glad Santa came by the chat. I really like it when he has time to do that.

Elf Trixie

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  1. Elf Sugar Cookie
    Elf Sugar Cookie says:

    Trixie is an incredible reindeer; I’m sure she’ll do great with her training! I hope that Santa has a nice and successful trip to Australia.

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