Staff Changes and Additions at Santa Update

Staff Changes

SantaUpdate.com is pleased to announce a number of changes and additions to our editorial staff.

These changes come upon review of feedback received from our site visitors and with future plans for news reporting in mind.

Our mission is to provide the best news and information of Santa Claus, the North Pole and elf life. We believe these changes will help improve the Believer experience on Santa Update.

Elf Winslow Rutherford has been added as the Events Editor on SantaUpdate. Winslow will handle news and coordinate details of community events such as chats, conferences and user activities on the site.

Elf Frank Myrrh, lead news anchor at North Pole Radio News, is Media Editor for Santa Update. He will continue to host the North Pole Podcast, as well as report radio news, but will take on the role of overseeing all audio and video content produced by Santa Update.

Elf Harold Starr is the Newsletter Editor at Santa Update and will lead an effort in 2022 to expand the North Pole News. Elf Harold will continue to serve as Editor-in-Chief of the Santa Tracker Herald Star at SantaTrackers.net, as well.

Elf Ivy Holly serves as the Social Media Editor of all North Pole websites, including SantaUpdate.com.

In addition, we are pleased to announce the following will remain or be added as staff writers at Santa Update:

Elf Ed Zachary – Columnist at the North Pole Gazette
– Elf Trixie
– Elf Max of SantaTrackers.net
– Elf Meg Nogg of NorthPoleFlightCommand.com
Elf Sandy Claus of the Department of Elf Resources
– Elf Dr. Grant Smedley – North Pole Historian at Southern North Pole University
Elf Crash Murphy of NorthPoleRadioNews.com

We will soon be updated the elf pages on SantaUpdate.com to reflect these and other changes.