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50 Weeks Until Christmas

50 Weeks Until Christmas

Hi Friends! We are now just 50 weeks away from Christmas.

That sounds like a long time, doesn’t it?

It is not for me. Not anymore. Since I started counting down by weeks to Christmas a couple of years ago it seems the time just flies.

It is a very quiet time at the North Pole. Not that there is not stuff going on. It’s just that everyone is thinking.

This is the time of performance evaluations and setting goals. Everyone is thinking about the new year and what it will take to get Operation Merry Christmas moving.

I find everyone takes this all very seriously. That is kind of hard for me.

I already had my review with Elf Ernest. It was kind of silly but only because I could not stop giggling. You see, when I get nervous I giggle. I cannot help myself.

And my review with Elf Ernest made me really nervous. I hate performance reviews.

But he was very kind. And it’s over for this year. And I don’t have to think because I love everything Elf Ernest and I talked about. I cannot wait to do things this year.

I think that is the way things are supposed to feel. Santa really wants us to be happy. We should feel good about our goals and our work.

And I’m way way way way stoked for this year.

In fact, I was told the other day by an elf to “Be quiet” when I visited.

I went over to the Department of Redundancy Department. If you listened to North Pole Radio News you know that’s a little sub-department of Santa’s workshop that was set up last year in response to the bad experience they had on Christmas Eve more than a year ago.

That department basically double checks everything that the Workshop does, just to make sure no mistakes are made.

Anyway, I wandered over there because I wanted to hear how this Christmas went for them. Those were some really uptight elves over there, let me tell you.


I guess the Department of Redundancy Department doesn’t like people checking up on them.

Ironic, eh?

I was there and I was talking to this elf (who will remain nameless because he’s a dolt). I told him how happy I felt with my job and how things were going.

And he told me to “be quiet”.

What a grump! Doesn’t being happy mean also being happy for others?

Anyway. I’ll go back to the Department of Redundancy Department after they make their plans for this Christmas. Hopefully by then they will be a little happier.

Elf Trixie

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  1. Mia Madison Iannacone
    Mia Madison Iannacone says:

    Hi Santa I Love the North Pole News and I wish I could be an elf on the shelf my elf pet foxMisses you at the North Pole so do I

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