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350 Days to Santa’s Launch

Santa's Launch

Greetings! I’m Elf Meg of NorthPoleFlightCommand.com with our first friendly launch reminder of the year: there are only 350 days left until Santa launches!

The date of Santa’s launch is likely the most important date on the North Pole calendar.

For every department and, indeed, for every elf at the North Pole it is the most important day of the year.

While most of the world counts down to Christmas we count down to Santa’s launch on every North Pole website. You see, we do it this way because not everyone has the same TIME that they celebrate Christmas. While it is Christmas Eve in the far east, it is still the day-before-Christmas Eve in the far west.

But there is one time and just one singular moment in time that Santa Claus launches from the North Pole. It is the same for everyone. And you can see that down to the minute countdown on all of our websites.

Today it means there is just 350 days to get ready.

That applies to everyone: Santa’s Workshop, the North Pole Post Office, the Wrapping Department, and the Reindeer Operations Department. It is also applicable to the elves who make Santa’s new sleigh every year and to the elves who manage Santa’s schedule. That date touches everyone.

And that is why I will be here all year long to post important milestones in the countdown to Santa’s launch.

Elf Meg Nogg

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