North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Japan Welcomes Santa with Alarms

Santa Tracker
News Recap: Santa is now in Japan and alarms are going off in Tokyo. We don’t know if that is to tell people Santa is there or to welcome Santa to Japan. This is new.

Status of Regional Operations
North Pole Flight Command: Fully operational — **Heavy Snow – Whiteout**
Sector 1 (Oceania): Stand down – mission accomplished, bedtime advisory issued
Sector 2 (Asia & the Middle East): In the Red Zone
Sector 3 (Africa & Europe): In the Red Zone
Sector 4 (Greenland & S. America): In the Red Zone
Sector 5 (Central and North America): In the Red Zone

Latest Bedtime Advisories
Phillipines, Central China, South East Asia, Singapore, All of Indonesia

Status of Operation Merry Christmas
Santa: Looking to speed up bedtime advisories. Feels great.
Sleigh: Excellent
Reindeer: Feeling fantastic
Workshop: Mission accomplished
North Pole Post Office: **STOCKING MAIL ACTIVATED**
Wrapping Department: Mission accomplished
North Pole Security: Looking in to Phoenix Anti-Christmas gang

Merry Christmas