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Santa’s Sleigh Has One Final Test Flight

Final Test Flight
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
Santa's Sleigh Has One Final Test Flight

News Recap: Santa’s sleigh has been thoroughly tested all year but it embarks on one final test flight before Santa can take off in it.

Status of Regional Operations
North Pole Flight Command: Fully operational
Sector 1 (Oceania): In the Red Zone
Sector 2 (Asia & the Middle East): Checking In/Standby
Sector 3 (Africa & Europe): Checking In/Standby
Sector 4 (Greenland & S. America): Checking In/Standby
Sector 5 (Central and North America): Checking In/Standby

Latest Bedtime Advisories
None yet issued by Santa

Status of Operation Merry Christmas
Santa: In pre-flight briefings
Sleigh: Just launched on the final test flight
Reindeer: Resting
Workshop: Still hard at work
North Pole Post Office: Frenzied
Wrapping Department: Frenzied
North Pole Security: Investigating

Merry Christmas