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Tracker Elves Begin Worldwide Check In

Tracker Elves Begin Worldwide Check In 1

Tracker Elves who track Santa for Santa are starting their annual check-in.

Tracker Elves

Tracker Elves are in high demand this year. Santa set a goal of having 200 million tracker elves this year. As of this morning, North Pole Flight Command puts that tally at about 188 million. Elves in North Pole Flight Command are confident the goal will be met within the next 24 hours, well before Santa launches from the North Pole.

The check-in process is a necessary thing. What it does is it tells North Pole Flight Command how many of those 200 million elves are actually on the job and working. Based on that information, North Pole Flight Command can know when to send out requests for new information.

The world is organized into five sectors in North Pole Flight Command. Knowing how many trackers are available to supply up-to-the-minute information for Santa while he is in flight is a powerful tool in the hands of Santa.

It is not too late to become an elf to track Santa for Santa. You’ll have to work fast to get trained but we need as much elves as possible to get the job done for Santa.

Elf Ernest