North Pole Navy Deploys
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Radio News
North Pole Navy Deploys

The North Pole Navy has deployed to various oceans on the globe in their mission to support Operation Merry Christmas.

North Pole Navy

Some people are really surprised to learn that the North Pole even has a Navy.

I don’t know why this is so shocking to some people. We have been publishing news about the North Pole Navy for years.

The North Pole Navy is not large, at least according to what some countries do, but it has a number of vessels that perform vital functions for Santa all year long. There are several cruisers and even a couple of sleigh craft carriers.

Perhaps the most famous is the Jingle Bell, the largest sleigh craft carrier in the fleet and the flagship of the North Pole Navy. It is deployed to the Pacific ocean where it will be at sea until after Santa returns to the North Pole.

The Jingle Bell will support not only Santa’s sleigh but thousands of sleighs during what we call Operation Airlift. The airlift supplies Santa with the stuff he delivers as well as shuttles elves from one point of support or another. The airlift also provides support for the reindeer by supplying Santa with food and water for the team and for the thousands of other reindeer working to support Santa.

Cruisers supply weather information and incident management support should something happen with any of the sleighs in flight on Christmas Eve (there are thousands of sleighs in the skies of the world on Christmas Eve).

The Navy has an important support role on Christmas Eve and they quietly do it every year.

On Kringle Radio today North Pole Radio News reported on some activity on the Jingle Bell. You can hear that radio report in the player below.

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